I love eating salads, especially when I can enjoy them with homemade salad dressing.

Ever since I can remember, my grandmother on my fathers side has always made this dressing that I loved! Every holiday she makes me a jar and I am so excited to get it!

I have been experimenting with it the last few years and finally figured out how to make it myself so that it tastes just as good as when she makes it.

The salad dressing is made of water, sugar, oil, and vinegar. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is oh so delicious. Making this is really done by taste after the ingredients are mixed together, and not so much by measuring things out.

This time around when I made the dressing, I decided to try to make it a little bit healthier using Truvia. You use half the sugar with the same great taste. I got all my products out, and I decided to give it a try.

I did have to use warm water to get the Truvia to dissolve right; but otherwise the Truvia worked great. I did add a little extra to make the dressing as sweet as I usually like it, but it was still a lot less sugar than what I would normally be adding!

I really love the idea of making something healthier because I am always paranoid that my kids are getting too much sugar. Truvia would make an excellent choice for your baking needs this holiday season, or would even make a great addition to a gift basket to give away. You could throw in some other items such as oven mitts, a cake mix, vanilla, and some cooking utensils.

Baskets are always welcome at my house, and they are great to give to someone who loves to bake.


Replacing the sugar in recipes withTruvia Baking Blend, a blend of Truvia natural sweetener and sugar that provides 75% fewer calories per serving than sugar, will lend to an indulgent yet guilt-free season for calorie-conscious friends and family.              

Truvia Baking Blend offers an easy ingredient-swap solution when looking to create reduced-calorie recipe versions of holiday favorites. By pre-mixing the dry ingredients in a dessert jar, for example, DIY gift recipients don’t have to think twice before enjoying a treat on any weekday or night.                 

Recipes made with Truvia Baking Blend bake and brown just like recipes made with sugar for mouthwatering results. The conversion is easy: 1 cup of sugar = 1/2 cup of Baking Blend. A number of year-round and holiday recipes are available on truvia.com/baking.


Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.