A couple weeks ago I mentioned a revolutionary new way to buy great fitting bras. After receiving the bra, and trying it out for a couple of weeks I have a few thoughts about the new Jockey fit system and the bra itself.

Jockey bra Volumetric Fit System

The fit system, as I mentioned in my previous post, was really easy to use and is about the closest thing to custom you will probably find on the market without hiring a tailor to specifically make one for you. Finding the right fit was the easy part for me, it was actually selecting which bra I wanted to order that was tough (I’m a bit indecisive).

Once I made my selection the ordering process was really simple, plus if you order the fit kit online, you get a $20 credit applied to your account toward the purchase of your first bra.

The Jockey Bra

As I mentioned, choosing which bra to order was the most difficult part for me. There are five bra options to choose from, and really any of them look like they would work well for me.


In the end, I ended up going with the classic contour because I wanted something with wider straps on the shoulders that could help provide the support I really was looking for. Plus it just looked comfortable.

After receiving the Jockey bra, I tried it on and it fit perfectly. To be honest, I was a little surprised. I had my doubts about how well this fit system would truly work, but it seemed to be exactly what was right for me.

After wearing the bra I could tell right away that it was going to work well for me. It is really comfortable, the material is soft, and most of the time I feel like there is nothing there. When I lay down I can sort of feel the resin (used instead of underwire), but I imagine it is from the position I am in. After washing the bra in the provided mesh laundry bag (comes with the fit kit), the bra held it’s shape well, and still felt just as soft as the first time I put it on.

Overall, I am really impressed with the design and quality of the bra I received. I have yet to try the other designs, but the classic contour has worked really well for me, and I will be ordering another bra sometime in the future.


So tell us….

Have you ever really had a custom fit bra that you loved?  Do you have a funny bra story to share? Tell us, we’d love to hear!


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