This is a sponsored post by A Girl's Guide To Cars and Car-Ed. Opinions are my own.

While at the recent A Girl’s Guide To Cars Conference, I learned about an amazing new way to turn your car buying experience on its head. 


How many times have you thought about buying a new car but you weren’t sure where to even start looking, what brands would suit your needs, or what type of vehicle would work best for you and your family? 

We’ve all been there. 

Most car buyers are not aware of what universe of cars they might want to consider…and even if they are, they may be missing an alternative or two they should consider.

Besides word of mouth, prior experience, or asking the car enthusiast of the family, no site currently asks key questions to try to find out which car best connects with your needs and lifestyle. That’s where Car-Ed comes in. 

In short, Car-ED stands for “car education” and it is a website that gives you a very simple quiz that will match your basic behaviors and wants from a vehicle to existing and new vehicles that would fit your needs.

I took the quiz myself and was quite surprised at the results that came up. There were definitely some makes/models that had never even crossed my mind to consider, but once I looked into them a little more they made perfect sense and would be great vehicles for me and my family. 

For example, I never thought about a Subaru Legacy (one of my top matches). 

But after looking at the details of the car (which are provided by clicking ‘see more’ on the Car-Ed site) I can see why this would be an amazing vehicle for me. 

With all-wheel drive, great gas mileage, and so much interior room, I can see why this ended up being a top choice for me. It literally has everything I need in a vehicle plus all the wants I desire. And the price is right in my budget — so important!

The results also give you some luxury options to consider because you may be looking for a luxury vehicle, or you may notice that many are in your budget and you didn’t even realize it. Look at this Infinity model that starts under $30,000!

Or, you can skip right to the bottom of the quiz results page and click on the Top 40 List which mixes together the standard and luxury vehicles all into one list, prioritized by the order of best match for you.

My top 40 list included that Subaru Legacy as my top choice, but then went on to list two BMW vehicles in my top five. After driving a few BMWs at the Performance Driving Center, I can see why these made my top five!

If you are in the market for a new car, or just want to see what matches come up for you, take the Car-Ed quiz today! It is an amazing way to find out which vehicles may work best for you and can really cut your research time down tremendously!

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Shopping for a new car can be a painstaking process, especially when you're not even sure where to begin. Luckily, with Car-Ed you can take the guesswork out of which car is right for you! Like this Subaru Legacy that I didn't even realize was an option for me, yet turned out to be my perfect match -- sort of like online dating, but with cars. 😂 Take the Car-Ed quiz and see which car is a match for you. Click to learn more!

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