When the box for the Tykes Bykes first showed up at our door, my kids were really excited to get the box open and see what was inside.

You can see from the outside of the box that there is a bike of some sort in there, but the kids didn’t really know what to expect. My three year old daughter was especially excited, as she was going to try it out and see how shed liked going without training wheels and pedals.

The first step was getting everything out of the box and having daddy put the bike together. It pretty much took no time at all to get the bike set up, and my husband even commented on how easy it was and that he thought it was great that they gave you all the tools you need right in the box.

My daughter was so excited that she just couldn’t wait to try it out. She used the seat and pretended to ride while daddy finished putting it together.

tykes bykes2

Once the bike was all ready to go, my daughter had fun zipping around our house with it. It was late so we didn’t go outside, plus it is cold and snowy here in WI this time of year, so riding it around and around the house suited my daughter just fine.

Tykes Bykes1

She really liked how she could practice putting her feet up, and how she could give herself a good push down the hallway without tipping over.

My five year old son of course had to take his turn as well, and he would get going and say, “mom, look at me!” with his feet held up in the air. This is really great for him because he actually still uses training wheels on his bike, and we have been trying to convince him to go without; perhaps this will be just the thing to get him to that point!

The things I really like about the Tykes Bykes:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Teaches balance
  • The kids love it
  • Adjustable seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • A working hand-brake (this is great as most kids bikes come with foot brake, and learning a hand-brake is really awesome at this age)
  • Two Year Warranty

tykes bykes3

Two Winners will each win their own Tykes Bykes!

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