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The thing I love about spring and summer is that it is so much easier for us to unplug and enjoy quality outdoor time. While we can go outside in the winter, the cold climate we live in really makes it a little more difficult to do so consistently, so making the most of the warm weather when we have it is key!

Lately, every time I turn around the kids have a tablet in their hands or are trying to sneak in their favorite show on TV. Well, enough of that! We need to use this time to enjoy what nature has to offer, as well as spend a little family time.

If it is a rainy day we love to pop a bowl of popcorn and play board games. Chutes and Ladders can get pretty intense around here! jollytime board game When it is nice out, we of course need to head outside! Playing in the sandbox is a huge favorite, or even just taking a walk. Popcorn is an easy snack to take outside with us as it is quick to make and fun to eat anywhere. Outdoor play

How do you Unplug and Connect?

I’d love to hear how your family takes time away from electronics to connect with each other, or just get into the great outdoors. Let us know in the comments and make sure to also head over to JOLLY TIME Pop Corn’s Unplug Pop Connect site to share your family pledge where you will receive a valuable coupon and be entered to win a prize pack!

We love to munch on some Blast O Butter JOLLY TIME when we are enjoying family time.


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