Have any amusement park trips on the agenda for this year? Road trip with multiple vehicles in the works? What about just staying connected from day to day with family members while everyone is on a different schedule and has a super busy lifestyles?

I’m pretty sure we can all relate to at least one of those questions, and staying in touch with family members and friends, whether on vacation or just for everyday peace of mind, can be tedious with all the different ways to contact one another.

Life360 aims to make this process just a bit easier. With their free app, you can do numerous things that can simplify traveling and more. The app can be helpful if you’re waiting for an airport pickup, since it gives ETAs when you locate someone, or if you’re traveling by car, so the folks waiting at your destination (hopefully with a tasty meal!) know how you’re progressing, or just coordinating during your visit; when families split up and go off in different groups, the app help you stay connected.


So what can Life360 do?

Answer the age-old question: Where are you?

Research by Life360 shows that 6 to 8 text messages a day are dedicated to this question. Why not just open the Life360 map and answer it for yourself?

Check in for quick updates

You made it to the soccer game, the poker tournament, or Aunt Millie’s house. Avoid the “did you arrive okay?” phone call. Check in instead. (Have an emergency? There’s a button for that, too.)

Group your connections

Keep family & friends separate with Circles. The default is the Family Circle, but you’ll want to create more for the other people in your life. Aunts & Uncles, perhaps? Babysitters? Dog walkers? Marathon pace team? The sky’s the limit.

Keep everything in its place

Messaging, location sharing, and check ins are all Circle specific, so no one will see anything they don’t need to. Handy, huh?

You’re the boss

When you create a Circle, you get to decide who is invited and who gets the boot. Perfect for when Nancy creates a scandal and gets kicked out of the PTA.


Location sharing is up to you. Not everyone needs to know where you are at all times. Location sharing is specific to each Circle, and you can turn it off and on whenever you want.

Easily chat with family members

Locations are standard, but what about locations AND messages? You can talk to family members while knowing where they are.


Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn even more about this great app, head over to the Life360 website and watch a quick video, it showcases all the cool features you can use!


Ready to get the free app for yourself and your family members? Download it here:

Download links: Windows: bit.ly/1o7oIdC

This post has been sponsored by Life360, and opinions are my own.