Today’s cars are considerably more like computers than older automobiles. The number of automated technologies formerly exclusively accessible in high-end vehicles is constantly increasing, and today, features like sat-nav, on-board computers, and parking assistance can be found in even the most popular models. 

The most intriguing aspect is that you may use the majority of the capabilities supplied by car manufacturers without having to buy a new car if you have a smartphone, Internet access, and a few handy programs.

Today, supercars have impressive multifunctional built-in electronics that make driving such cars an amazing experience even without modern apps. However, few can afford such cars as they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But today, rental services have gained popularity in the world. For example, you can easily use the Lamborghini rental Dubai service as it is a very simple and straightforward hiring service that has become incredibly accessible to everyone. Therefore there is no need to buy an ultra-expensive car to enjoy a variety of the mobile applications that have been created. Just rent it.

Below you will find a list of 10 of the most interesting applications that are available for free and can increase the functionality of your car on the road in a way that you did not even think. Let’s talk about the most useful applications for vehicles.


This is a helpful tool that allows you to keep track of how much money you spend on gas. The app uses GPS data to provide statistics like average fuel usage and the number of fills. All of this is presented in the form of simple diagrams. Charts can be automatically sent to your Google Drive or Dropbox if you purchase the commercial version of the software. You can also compare data from many vehicles.


This driver-focused mobile application will alert you to speed limit signs, traffic accidents, traffic bottlenecks, and road repairs. You’re probably aware of the video cameras that record vehicle movement. To put it another way, the app will give you all the information you need to determine the best route and pace.


TrueCar shows you how much other people have spent on similar cars, new and secondhand. Shop by brand, compare fairing models and check out TrueCar’s top vehicles. This app displays a personalized dealer offer that includes taxes and fees when you select a vehicle, so you don’t have to estimate the final price. When you’re ready to sell your present vehicle, TrueCar will provide you with an estimate so you don’t have to haggle.


One of the largest social media navigation applications used for traffic tracking. Not only will it inform you that you are approaching a traffic jam, but it will also allow you to make changes to your maps and even show you the cheapest gas stations nearby. One of the most interesting features is map sharing – when someone is waiting for you to arrive, you can send a link to a route map that is updated in real-time. The map will open in the browser, which means that the other person does not need to install the app.

Applications for car diagnostics

Diagnosis via smartphone or computer saves time, effort, and money for the owner. By reading and deciphering the error codes from the car blocks, you will understand what is broken and which specialist to look for. This is more effective than taking apart half the car in search of a problem.


The application is a triple service – an onboard computer, a gasoline consumption analyzer, and a diagnostic tool via OBD2 / ELM327. Both paid and free versions are available. The latter allows you to perform the current diagnosis of vehicle errors, the former provides constant monitoring and prompt notification, as well as control of overheating and suspicious lags.

The onboard computer records fuel consumption and performs power measurements. The program has a built-in trip planning option – estimation of driving time on the rest of the tank, records of gas stations, route statistics, and cost calculation. 

Torque Pro

The most common application for self-analysis of engine operation. Torque Pro specializes in car engine diagnostics only. 

Torque Pro can:

  • determine and track fuel consumption;
  • provide information about loads;
  • display data on the number of revolutions;
  • locally diagnose the fuel system;
  • determine and analyze consumption.

Car Scanner

This is a software scanner that runs on a second-generation OBD adapter. The software is only compatible with new versions of Android OS. The software scanner has a large number of functions and verification tools. It detects car malfunctions and helps prevent their reoccurrence. Car Scanner provides data from automotive sensors, information that is hidden by default by the manufacturer.

The software can read errors, reset them, and provide a detailed description of each identified problem. A rich built-in information base allows the application to display technical data from sensors on the dashboard of the car. The driver can view detailed statistics on fuel consumption and track the current state of the control unit. In addition, it is possible to conduct tests of exhaust, acceleration, and other indicators in real-time.

Photo by William Hook on Unsplash