Families are always searching for the perfect destination to whisk their kids away to. With its postcard-perfect setting, the Bahamas has quickly found itself on the top of everyone’s lists, reaching a record number of visitors last year. And it’s not just fresh-faced honeymooners who love it.

The seaside activities, abundant resorts, and family-friendly vibe make it a great place to bring your little ones to. But how can you make sure your vacation is one to remember, and how do you pull it off without a hitch? With some handy tips, you can squash any worries you might have, and create some forever memories with your toddlers.

Choose the right island

Visiting the Bahamas is never as simple as it looks. With over 700 islands making up this famous archipelago, you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to stay on. Fortunately, the number of habited islands is narrowed down to a very special 30, making your choice even easier. The thing is that there are some islands which are more suitable for young families, and some which aren’t.

The most popular for families are easily the Out Islands (or the Family Islands), and Grand Bahama Island. There is even an island where you can swim with pigs in the Exumas. Many families use Grand Bahama as a jumping off point into the rest of the Caribbean, to see iconic destinations like Jamaica. If this is your go-to plan, consider staying in family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica.

Book in advance

The Bahamas are an increasingly popular getaway destination, thanks to their tropical climate and white, sandy beaches. For families especially, the laidback feel and beach activities make it a prime spot for vacations. This means that flight prices can soar around peak season, and some resorts can be fully booked if you leave planning too late.

When you’re traveling as a family, finding a room for a reasonable rate is almost impossible if you leave it until the last minute, so make sure you book in advance. This doesn’t necessarily mean booking as early as possible, as you could miss out on some great value deals. Instead, take advantage of all-inclusive packages, so you get more for your money. You should also consider traveling in the shoulder season to avoid the expensive prices and large crowds of peak season.

Make long journeys fun

Depending on where you’re traveling from, flights to The Bahamas can take anywhere from a couple of hours to nearly ten. Though this won’t be too bad for you, it might not sit well with your little ones. In fact, many parents face the daunting task of keeping their kids entertained on this long journey. You might think it’s impossible, but there are a few, key ways of keeping tears at bay.

The first is making your sure toddlers’ tablet is filled with some kid-friendly movies to watch, which you can download before flying. Some flights may even have in-flight entertainment systems, so make the most of these. Some parents like letting their little ones play on some educational games, so they can kill two birds with one stone.

These kinds of tricks can keep toddlers entertained for hours on end, but you’ll also know that toddlers will sleep for a short while on the flight. In the times they wake up, have some healthy snacks on hand to keep them occupied.

Find some fun activities

It isn’t just long journeys you need to keep your toddlers entertained on. Every day, you’ll want to find some fun activities to enjoy with your little one. This is especially true in The Bahamas, where there are countless family activities to indulge in. These are the best way to make some lifelong memories to look back on, and they promise the perfect opportunity to capture some light-hearted family photos. For both parents and children, there is also scientific proof that fun family vacations make you happier.

Luckily for you, you won’t need to commit to heart-racing sports or long days, meaning your vacation will be as relaxing as you hope. You’ll know that toddlers can get tired quite quickly, so indulge in simple activities like sandcastle building and swimming. In the Bahamas, you’ll find various beaches with calm shores to paddle in, but you can also stick to your resort pool.

Safety first

One of the biggest worries parents face when traveling with their little ones is keeping them safe from harm. In hot countries like The Bahamas, you’ll always have the hot climate and blazing sun to consider, but it doesn’t have to ruin your vacation together. Before you depart, make sure you’ve stocked up on some toddler sunscreen, which is perfectly formulated for the sensitive skin of young kids.

You’ll already know to top up their sunscreen regularly throughout the day, but you should also always have a bottle of cold water on hand to keep your toddlers hydrated. If any of your toddlers have health problems, create a small first aid kit for each kid, with medications and essential items stored safely.

Remember, if you’re concerned about encountering any other problems, book the best travel insurance for your trip. Any new destination poses dangers, so once you’re all booked up, calm your mind, put stresses at ease, and relax.

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