There are certain video games kids play and love. I have two kids who absolutely love Minecraft and will find any excuse to be able to play if given the chance. There are also a plethora of toys that go along with the video games and my Minecraft loving kids can certainly tell you the Best Minecraft Toys For Kids!

The Minecraft Phenomenon

Why Do Kids Love Minecraft?

If there is one thing any parent of a Minecraft loving kid knows, it is that they eat, sleep, and breathe Minecraft. They want to play all day and night… and if they’re not playing it then they’re talking about playing it, or watching YouTube videos of other people playing it.

So what is it about the game that kids love so much? 

Going on an adventure in a space you’ve created, where monsters are chasing you, and when you get tired of it, you can blow it all up and start over. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and building your own worlds, then going on adventures in those worlds. You can build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles.

But really, it’s not just about building and being creative, it’s doing these things in an environment that makes it hard to do. It’s just the right balance of challenge and reward and fun – not so hard that you give up, but not so easy that it becomes boring. That makes entering the world of Minecraft incredibly attractive and engaging to play.

As Addicting As A Great Book!

Have you ever had a great book that you couldn’t put down so you read and read into the wee hours? That’s what it can feel like for kids playing Minecraft.

The difference is that in Minecraft, when you get to the end of the ‘book’ another chapter suddenly appears, one that’s even more exciting than the entire book you just finished. So you quickly read to the end of that chapter and another one opens up… so you read a few pages more… and a few more… and suddenly it’s morning. 

“You have the power to do anything you want, like building, creating and exploring. And you don’t get bored because there is always more to do and discover and invent.”

-Jen T. of Jenny at Dapperhouse

“I can build what I want. I can build a farm and have cows.”

-Daughter of Sharon at A Little Bit of Everything

Minecraft, Learning, and Limits

Minecraft can be great for kids because it can build creativity, teach real-world skills, it is kid-friendly with G-rated graphics, and it can be fun for the whole family if you try out playing the game with your kids. 

USA Today

Of course, your kids can end up spending too much time on the screen. This is where setting firm rules about screen time and limits on their play will help young kids find balance. It can also be a way for kids to learn how responsibility can earn them rewards. 

Minecraft Video Games – What Are They?

If your kids have been begging you to let them play Minecraft, or for Minecraft Toys For Kids, Best Buy carries a large assortment of Minecraft products – this includes an Xbox One S console bundle, additional Minecraft games and Minecraft toys and collectibles. No matter which device you play on, it is sure to be a fun experience!

Minecraft Story Mode

In Minecraft Story Mode there are eight episodes where you embark on a perilous quest across the Overworld, to the End, and beyond. You have discovered something dreadful and must set out on a quest to find The Order of the Stone.

Minecraft Story Mode is different than regular Minecraft because you have a clear mission, and you must travel through each ‘episode’, however, the outcome of the game depends on your actions and choices so you could play the game many times over and have different results each time through!

We have Minecraft Story Mode for our Xbox 360 and the kids love navigating through the story and seeing what adventure awaits!

Minecraft – Original

In what is still my kids’ favorite, the original version of Minecraft allows you to play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources or mine deep in Survival Mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.

You can play alone or with friends. My kids will each play on their own tablets and link to each other’s worlds via our wifi connection. It is really incredible how much they have learned about playing online and teamwork just from this one game. 

Minecraft Toys For Kids – Top Picks

The mini figure is a great toy where your child can take the imaginative Minecraft world offline and create their own worlds in your living room. 

Minecraft Toys For Kids Figurines

Once you start collecting mini figures, you’ll definitely want some place to store them. Organize and display your favorite Nether explorers in this collector case. If you flip it over you will discover a Minecraft world complete with a playtime portal for entertaining creative minds.

For a different type of play experience, try the Minecraft Flying Ghast and bring a favorite nether-dwelling creature to life! You can fly the ghast in all directions, just like in the video game. 

In what has to be my favorite pick, and the game I just bought for my son for Christmas, the Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Set is sure to give us hours of fun as we create our own little mini movies!

Minecraft Toys For Kids Stop Motion Movie Maker

My kids love card games of all sorts, so this Minecraft Card Game is right up their alley. We can have loads of fun playing as a family during their off-screen hours. 




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