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My mom is always bugging me about how she doesn’t get to see my kids enough. She lives about 3 1/2 hours away so in person visits are really hard but, she wants to be able to talk to the kids online and see their faces. My mom and I talk every day, but seeing the kids and having them see her is something she really wants to do to establish a better relationship with each of them.

vtech app

This is usually pretty hard to do with our busy schedules and finding a time when the kids aren’t all wound up, but I’ve recently discovered the Kid Connect app that works with the Innotab 3s. The exclusive VTech Kid Connect™ app lets kids and parents send text messages, stickers, *voice messages, *photos and *drawings back and forth so they can keep in touch anywhere! With fast and easy tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication, kids can safely join in digital communication—just like mom and dad.

This program will work perfectly for allowing the kids to stay in contact with grandma via photos, voice messages, and texts. They can even send drawings and stickers, something my daughter will love since she is always asking us to ’email’ her drawings to grandma. Plus with the kid’s contact lists that are parent approved, I know my kids can only send messages to people we know and have okayed.

In addition to helping stay in contact with grandma, I can see my daughter taking the tablet to daycare with her to let me know how her and our new baby are doing. It can give both her and me peace of mind while I am away at work.


How Kid Connect works

Hear your child’s voice, anytime, anywhere.

With Kid Connect Premium*, you’ll see a voice message icon. This feature is great for those times when you just need to hear the sound of your child’s voice. Voice messaging lets you and your child record up to a 10 second message.

Photos and Drawings

Also available through Kid Connect Premium* you can send photos and drawings. Touch the photo icon and the InnoTab® 3S will open the photo album so you can choose an existing photo. Or press the camera icon to take a new photo. Touch the drawing icon and use the simple drawing tools to create a picture to share with family and friends!

It’s so easy to text each other

Now kids can send and receive text messages too! To send a text message, a child simply chooses a contact and touches the text message icon. Use the onscreen keypad to type in a message and then touch the send icon.


Touch the Stickers icon and you can send 12 different stickers (30 when you upgrade to premium) for a fun way to express yourself.

Kid Connect, only available with VTech’s InnoTab 3S.

More about the InnoTab 3s and VTech Kid Connect

●      InnoTab 3S is the ONLY children’s learning tablet with VTech Kid Connect, a unique, ground-breaking family communication app that brings families together and helps parents stay connected to their kids – anytime, anywhere!

●      With easy-to-use tablet-to-mobile communication, preschoolers as young as three can send voice messages, text messages, animated stickers, photos and drawings to parents’ smartphones, from a kid-safe, kid-friendly tablet.

●      In return, parents can send messages back to their child’s InnoTab 3S, opening up an interactive dialogue. Plus, kids can stay connected to their friends and siblings by exchanging messages safely between two InnoTab 3S tablets anywhere in the world, regardless of how far apart they are.

●      InnoTab 3S comes with a one year free subscription of Basic Kid Connect, which allows users to send text messages and stickers; a Premium Kid Connect subscription, available on VTech’s app store, offers the enhanced features of voice messages, photos and drawings.

●      InnoTab 3S also features a kid-safe web browser, rechargeable battery and 20 free apps, all for $79.99

Visit VTech to learn more about the Kid Connect app  & the Innotab 3s tablet. You can also can shop the online store to learn more about the VTech Kid Connect InnoTab 3S Tablet and where you can buy the tablet for the perfect holiday gift!


 So tell us…

How would you use the Kid Connect app to stay in touch with your kids? Do you have a little one in daycare, stay in contact while visiting grand-parents, or just to help them keep in touch with family members?


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