VTech Top Rated Toys for Infants and Educational Toys for Preschoolers. We have our fair share of experience with loads of Vtech products and if I had to pick the toy brand that we’ve had the most experience with over the years, it would have to be VTech.

Not because we sought out to only buy toys from this brand, but largely because that is what most people either gifted us at one point or another, or we’ve somehow stumbled upon getting in garage sales or the like. I’ve written about our VTech toys quite a bit. You can find more reviews here: VTech Reviews

For all our playing and rough-housing through four kids (some toys have made it through all four kids!), we have some favorites that make our list for VTech Top Rated Toys for Infants and Educational Toys for Preschoolers. 

VTech Top Rated Toys for Infants

This list is easy. Does it hold up well (durable)? Are the products easy for a baby to use? Do they hold attention for more than a few seconds? 

If the answer to the above questions is yes, it makes the list!

VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop

This is actually a newer version of the baby laptop. Both versions are very similar, but what I love about this laptop is that you can choose different modes to learn about animals and their sounds, learn about shapes and colors, or just play music.
Vtech Top Rated Toys for Infants Baby LaptopThe moveable mouse is a feature my kids have loved, and it really interacts with the light up screen. My youngest of four, now 1yrs old, likes to simply open and close the lid over and over. A good way to practice hand-eye coordination!


Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This walker was one of the first things my son was able to push around on his own. He loved that he could actually stand up and go where he wanted to go without risk of tipping over. 

Vtech Top Rated Toys for Infants Baby Walker

Dump and Go Dump Truck

If your child is anything like mine, he is fascinated by things that move and by balls. Put the two together and you have a winning combination! This learning toy develops motor skills by lifting the hinged bucket to unload the rocks and start again; a great early education toy for toddlers.

Vtech Top Rated Toys for Infants Dump and Go Truck

Wiggle & Crawl Ball

We have had both the Move and Crawl ball, and now the Wiggle & Crawl Ball. While both are similar, this updated version has a lower price point, and the kids find it fun to chase after the moving ball. 

Vtech Top Rated Toys for Infants Wiggle and Crawl Ball


VTech Top Rated Toys for PreSchoolers

Gallup and Rock Learning Pony

If there is something to ride or that can be rocked, my kids are gonna be the first ones to try it out! They loved this Gallop and Rock Learning Pony! Not only can it switch from a rocking horse to a ride-on toy, but it also has fun sounds and phrases for imaginative play. 

Vtech Top Rated Toys for Preschoolers Rock and Gallop Pony

Care For Me Learning Carrier

From the moment my youngest daughter saw this in the holiday flyer, she had to have it! Little did she know, we already had it stowed away for her birthday. Score! 🙂

This fun carrier includes an adorable plush puppy and fun puppy care items. The carrier is interactive and makes a great place to store those loose items so they don’t end up all over your house. 

Vtech Top Rated Toys for Preschoolers Pet Carrier


Write and Learn Creative Center

My absolute favorite VTech learning toy is this Write and Learn Center. All of my kids love it, from age 1 to 9, they have all played with it, like writing on it, like trying out the different functions, and my oldest finds it fun to play school and teach my younger two about writing. A great toy all around!

Vtech Top Rated Toys for Preschoolers Write and Learn Center

More VTech Top Rated Toys for Infants and Preschoolers

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