I love watching my babies sleep. There is something so peaceful and relaxing about watching your precious child and knowing that you were part of making that beautiful creature.

feltman brothers knitTwo weekends ago we had the chance to celebrate Easter at my in-law’s house, and it was a welcome treat for me to escape the hustle and bustle by first nursing my precious baby girl off to dreamland, and then just taking those few moments to myself to enjoy the time away while relishing in her perfection.

She just looks so comfortable here, and of course adorable in her little knit sweater dress provided by Feltman Brothers.

feltman brothers knit 2

The quality of this sweater dress is astounding, and the attention to detail is spectacular. The peter pan collar has a crocheted edge. The front of the knit dress has soft ribbing mixed with scalloped crocheted design, along with embroidered rosebuds. The same design is found right above the hem of the dress as well. The feel of the dress is soft to the touch, and I imagine comfortable to wear.

feltman brothers knit 3

Baby girl was also provided a beautiful jacquard knit cardigan, however, she was sound asleep so I didn’t want to disturb her while I was taking photos. Let sleeping babies lie.  :-)

feltman brothers knit coat

The quality on this piece is just as high as that of the dress. It is so wonderfully designed with the cute and functional hood and button front opening in the loveliest raised knit pattern. The baby cardigan is made from a soft cotton knit and during the cooler spring it has become a staple for any outings we take.

feltman brothers knit sweater 2

Time flies when you are having fun — or when children are growing

Perhaps it is the realization that she will most likely be my last ‘baby’, but I just can’t help watching her every moment I get. My eldest children are already 7 and 4 (where did the time go?), and as a parent it brings tears to my eyes to see them grow up so fast knowing those precious baby days are already behind us. Enjoy those sweet baby moments while you can folks — they don’t stick around forever!




Thank you to Feltman Brothers for providing the beautiful clothing for my daughter. All opinions are my own.