We are Roaring with excitement to check out the Minnesota Zoo

We are headed to the zoo this weekend and we are very excited!

kylerMy son (4k) has had a Jungle unit this week at summer school, which has tied perfectly into our visit this weekend! We have been able to talk about his projects that he has brought home, such as the one that’s pictured. Even as an adult, I find the size of this paw amazing! Although we wont see a Jaguar, we will see a Tiger and a Leopard.

Here are some fun facts we have learned from the Minnesota Zoo Website,

  • *No two tigers have the same stripes. The skin as well as the fur shows the animal’s unique striping pattern.
  • *When they walk, tigers often place their hind feet in the tracks of their forefeet.
  • *Unlike most cat species, tigers like water and are good swimmers.


I am not sure my husband and my youngest son will be able to handle this exibit..


Thirteen super-sized, animatronic bugs invaiding the Zoo’s Northern trail, along with a live bug display and several fun, interactive elements! Hopefully my kids (and husband) will understand after seeing them in action, that even though bugs are scary, they have a huge job to do and are very important.

That is if we get close enough to find out 🙂

Haven’t planned a trip to the Minnesota Zoo yet?!

With the plan your visit tab, we have had an easy time locating the zoo hours, location, pricing, meals, zoo activies and so much more!


If you have been to the zoo we would love to hear from YOU! What did you like best? What tips do you have for a family like mine with young children?




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One thought on “We are Roaring with excitement to check out the Minnesota Zoo

  • July 31, 2014 at 7:55 pm
    WOW what a awesome exhibit to enjoy and learn with the family, I love the zoo! We always have a great time and the kids learn something new everytime. Reply

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