We love our Kiwi Crate!

Kiwi Crate

Wouldn’t your child love a box of goodies sent to your house every month? My kids sure do! I try really hard to SAVE the boxes for rainy days, babysitters, or down times, but they are often digging into them before we even get them inside. What I love best about the Kiwi Crate boxes is that each box comes so beautifully organized, and has EVERYTHING you will need to carry out the project.

About Kiwi Crate boxes

These designed by parents, reviewed by experts and tested by kids crafts, are sure to peek curiosity and exploration! The crafts are always something they can investigate, observe, or use long after the craft is completed.

Each project comes with a book to aid in what questions to ask, and how to further explore and expand on the ideas. The directional books are VERY kid friendly, step by step, and easy for them to follow.   Check out this project the kids did with Grandma while my husband and I went on a date!


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One thought on “We love our Kiwi Crate!

  • August 19, 2014 at 9:53 am
    I love the title! I know as a blogger I always get excited when I see the mail lady has arrived!!! I've done the "It's Mail Time" dance a few times! LOL! What a great subscription box for kids! Reply

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