Mickey Mouse Squish App

Thanks to Disney Consumer Products for allowing us to try this fun new app!

Looking for some summer fun that pushes the limits of your child’s creativity and imagination? Disney Publishing unveiled “Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” the next app in its growing collection of creativity-based apps where children and families can sculpt and squish anything your imagination can dream up!

Kids love Squishing!

Although both my husband and I played with “Squish” separately and were both really confused at first, my two children (three and five), grabbed the phone from us and breezed through it with no complications!IMG_20140711_123611

My children loved following Mickey’s instructions on creating a character, and taking their creations through the factory to squish, spin, melt or pull them apart! I heard many giggles, as they found it very comical. The graphics and colors are very appealing and they enjoyed listening to their familiar friends, Mickey’s, voice.


Educational Aspects

squish app

The Squish App is a great way to help aid in creativity, development of fine motor skills, understanding of cause and effect, following basic instructions, and basic shape color recognition.

IMG_3524[1]         IMG_3523[1]



The app currently comes with a free download to unlock a few more shapes and a bonus squisher! These downloads are locked by the application, as well as by your iphone, which is wonderful in helping to ensure that your little ones don’t download and purchase items without your consent!


Be warned though that the Squish App takes an incredible amount of time ( one minute or more) to load up in the beginning, and on occasion the delete your character button didn’t work.  (However, it is possible I just need an updated phone!)

Additional features include:

• 3D clay molds of Mickey and Minnie with easy-to-use sculpting tools
• Character molds and shapes that help little ones make their favorite characters from the show
• Unique Squishers: the “Twisterator,” the “Melter,” and the “Inflaterator”
• Kids can save their clay creations to the Gallery to show-off to their family and friends