Sports and growing up seem to go hand-in-hand in this country. At least in my area, sports are a big influence on your life and community. We grow up playing little league, or take gymnastics lessons, or club basketball. We all try and get our hands on la basketball tickets and enjoy watching the live shows as well as on tv. Flag football is even started as early as elementary school. Playing a sport is just a normal part of life. 

There is potential for every young athlete. Mom’s & coaches fuel their athlete’s potential by making sure they have everything needed to play their best. Moms cook pregame meals, drive the carpool, make sure the team is hydrated — mom carries the team. 

Just a Kid From Somewhere

No matter what you achieve in life, you start in the same place as everyone else; as a someone full of potential and big dreams. When I was young, I dreamed of being a teacher and was able to fulfill that dream. My son dreams of being a football player so I’m going to encourage and support him every step of the way whether he fulfills that dream or decides he wants to pursue other passions.

My daughter was once on the path to playing hockey. She has been taking skating lessons and still loves to push herself, but I’m not sure hockey is her path any longer. No matter what she decides, we’ll help motivate her to achieve her dreams.

just a kid hockey

At the end of the day, no matter what we end up doing, we are all “just a kid” from somewhere. 


Represent Your Somewhere!

With the right motivation, anyone can realize their potential and one day be the athlete they look up to. Sports have a major impact in lots of lives, but they also impact the communities of those who play the sports. Whether it is t-ball or the pros, every league has a story waiting to be told — what’s yours?

Represent your somewhere with custom “Just a Kid” apparel that features where you’re from here. All net proceeds from the sale of “Just a Kid” apparel goes to the Boys & Girls Club of America.

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just a kid Bottle
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What is your Just a Kid story? Tell us how you motivate young athletes to be the best they can be!
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