Do you think you have the answer, or that perfect gift that every woman wants to get for Christmas?

I’m not sure I could even answer this question for myself, as I have no idea what I want (my husband and I don’t usually get each other gifts, and choose to spend money on our kids and family instead).

I found this helpful info-graphic on a mature dating site, when I was helping my sister browse around (for fun mostly). 

In taking a look at this list, where they polled 1000 women, I would have to say that most of this really does ring true!  Take a look: 

What Do Women Really Want Christmas - Infographic

I have to agree that flowers and jewelry would be at the bottom of my list.  I have the anti-green thumb, and just about everything I try to grow dies. Jewelry I hardly ever wear unless it is a special occasion.

I really agree with picking travel as a great gift. I would love to see the world, and if my husband surprised me with an awesome trip (sans mother-in-law), I would be in heaven!  A nice piece of technology would come in as runner up, but a trip somewhere warm would just be delightful (hint-hint).