I wanted to like this movie. I wanted to love the cast. But I didn’t. I didn’t just like it, I LOVED Bad Moms! Not only was it a hilarious movie, the characters were so relatable that you could probably identify with at least one of the characters — or even a couple. So what kind of Bad Mom do you think you are?

what kind of bad moms

What Kind of Bad Mom?

I’m pretty sure I’m on par with Kristen’s character, the stay at home mom, raising four kids (you have to watch this movie in order to see how hilarious her character is). Although I’m also pretty fed up, like Mila’s character, since I’m also a work at home mom juggling raising my kids with trying to find time to squeeze in some work. 

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In a recent interview with Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn (the single mom), Christina Applegate (the perfect mom), and Annie Mumolo (the clueless mom), we learned quite a bit about what their true lives are like as moms. And guess what?! They are pretty much just like the rest of us when it comes to parenting, and parenting mistakes!

Bad Moms Cast Interviews

Question:  I had a question for you guys.  As far as your characters, did you guys get any inspiration from any like real-life situations?

Ms. Christina Applegate:  There’s a Gwendolyn everywhere you go, you know?  There’s the mom that you look to and that you like can’t believe that they like made those cupcakes and they had the time to make them with figurines and like sparklers coming out of them.  And how do they do that?  And then they always look good and smell good.  I roll up to school with like hair that I haven’t washed in seven days, and my toenails are disgusting, and that’s the best I could do, and my daughter hasn’t brushed her hair in three days. 

And you’re always a tossup of like brush teeth, brush hair, brush teeth, just teeth.  Teeth is more important than brushing the hair before we get out of the house because that takes about 20 minutes of brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth, please.  Put that down, please.  Please brush your teeth.  Please brush your teeth.  That’s my morning.  That’s every day.  That was today.  That was 7:00 AM.  Brush your teeth, Sadie.  Brush them.  Brush them.  Brush them.  Brush them.  Brush them.

I didn’t ask this next question, but I’m glad someone did because I can reeeally relate to Christina’s answer on this one, and then Annie answers and I’m like — ‘I am both of those, I am a terrible mother!’ But really, we all have those days and I’m glad to see others do too!

Question:  What’s your least favorite mom job?  For us, it’s like making lunches and wiping butts.  But, what about you guys?

Ms. Annie Mumolo:  Ugh.

Ms. Christina Applegate:  It’s real hard to wake up.  Waking up is real rough, and I’m trying to have a better attitude with it because sometimes she would come in, and she’d be like, morning, Mama.  And I’d just be like hi (said with a groan and snarky voice).  And I’m like, oh, my God, that’s horrible.  That’s like the first thing she sees is me just like resenting the fact that she’s like waking me up 15 minutes before my alarm has gone off, like shoving a doll in my face, going, there’s a string, Mom.  Wake up.  Mom, mom, there’s a string.  You need to cut it.

I’m like is it seven o’clock, Sadie?  So, I’m trying to be kinder in the mornings, and I also say to her you do have a father.  He’s on the other side of the bed.  He knows where the scissors are as well.  So, I will have this nice conversation.  Like, honey, you can totally go ask Dad to do it, or to get breakfast or anything like that because, you know, we both were asleep.  So, that’s okay.

She’s like, oh, yes, I will.  Next morning, 5:40, Mom, I can’t find Cheetah.  And you’re like [waaaaaa].  So, that’s my hardest part, is starting the day.  But, once I’m up, you know, I’m good.

Ms. Annie Mumolo:  Mine’s the hours between 4:30 and bedtime.  The dinner to the bath to the books to the brush your teeth to get in your pajamas to the bed, that whole thing to me, I need breaks in the middle.  I go in my closet.  I take a few minutes and breathing.  There’s wine.  There’s little mini breaks and checking out and then checking back in and then like regrouping and okay.  We got to get to the bath.  Oh, God.  Oh, my God.

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Question:  We want to know if you guys have had any bad mom moments yourself with your kids, just any oops.

Ms. Kathryn Hahn (on her horrible parenting moment):  Okay, my son was maybe a half a year old, not even.  I keep making him younger as it goes to kind of make me feel better, crying so hard, did not know–.

Ms. Kathryn Hahn:  It was last year.  What’s the matter?  What’s the matter?  I was checking his fingers and toes.  I didn’t know what he would–it was like he wouldn’t eat.  It was like a mess.  Finally changed his diaper, and one of my hairs had wrapped itself around his nuts like five times.

Blogger:  Aww.

Ms. Kathryn Hahn:  Almost castrated my child.  That was a good moment, she says, downing her mimosa.

Ms. Mila Kunis (on her worst parenting moment):  My story….. so, Wyatt was like at seven, eight months old, and I was driving to visit my husband at work.  And driving with an eight-month-old for a couple hours is like going on a road trip. 

So, you have to pack all this stuff up in anticipation of everything going horribly wrong with the first baby.  Second baby doesn’t matter.  First baby, you’re like, oh, my God, everything’s going to go wrong.  So, you pack the car up with all this stuff.

And I was like I did it.  I put her in the car.  Like, I high five myself.  I’m driving down the 101.  And I was like oh, my God, I’m doing really good today.  And she was being really quiet, and I was like, oh, let me look in the rearview mirror to make sure everything’s okay.  And I look, and she’s happy as can be, but just not nearly strapped in.

And I was like, oh, fuck me.  And I’m on the 101, and she’s just like blah, like fine in her car seat, nothing, no strap whatsoever.  And I think I just turned white.  It was like what do I do?  So, I pulled over.  I calmly like crawled in the backseat, strapped her in, continued to drive, I’m never talking about this story to anybody ever.  It’s just going to be me, myself, and I, lesson learned.  I’m so grateful.

I literally pull up to my husband’s work and just burst out crying.  I was like I fucked up.  I fucked up.  And lo and behold, a year later, like two, three weeks ago, a month ago, I came to get Wyatt out of the backseat of the car, and my husband put her in.  And so, I went in to get her out.  And we were out, about.  And I opened the car door, and she’s not strapped in whatsoever.  And I was like thank God.  I was so excited.  I wasn’t alone.

And everybody’s fine.  Everybody lived.  It’s only a little bit illegal.  But, you know, I made a little bit of a mess up.

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Interviews with Producer Suzanne Todd, Writer/Director Jon Lucas & Writer/Director Scott Moore

Question:  Hi.  For the writers, I guess who was your main source in terms of writing sort of mom culture and getting into the minds of moms?

Mr. Scott Moore:  So, Jon and I are both married, and we both have two kids.  And when we were trying to come up with a movie, we’re just basically sitting at home.  We each have a home office, and we’re sitting at home like trying, racking our brains, and just watching our wives in this like stressed-out life trying to be a great parent.

And we’re like maybe that’s a good thing for a movie.  And so, the inspiration was basically our wives, and we spent a lot of time sort of talking to them and talking to their friends and  throwing parties and having a bunch of moms over and a bunch of red wine, and stories would just start flowing.

Mr. Jon Lucas:  It’s not super hard to get moms to talk about how they feel about being a mom. 

Question:  Did you get–like, have you seen the swing in social media of, like, things changing from perfectionism to kind of wanting, you know, the real, the live, the now?  

Ms. Suzanne Todd:  Oh, yes, I saw a great one this morning.  You guys have probably seen this because you’re more in this space than I am.  But, I saw a great one this morning that they call scruffy hospitality.  Have you seen this?

So, scruffy hospitality means that you’re going to go ahead and have your friends over for brunch or host a dinner party or have the girls come over when your sink is full of dirty dishes or you haven’t replaced that like dirty rug in your front hallway, you know, because everybody has this to-do list of like what they’re going to do to their house before they house the party or have people over or, you know, you need to clean out that closet in case somebody walks in there. 

I might actually have people over to my house sometimes if that’s okay.

BAD MOMS – In Theaters July 29

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In this new comedy from the grateful husbands and devoted fathers who wrote The Hangover, Amy has a seemingly perfect life – a great marriage, over-achieving kids, beautiful home and a career. However, she’s over-worked, over-committed and exhausted to the point that she’s about to snap.

Fed up, she joins forces with two other over-stressed moms on a quest to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities – going on a wild, un-mom-like binge of long overdue freedom, fun, and self-indulgence – putting them on a collision course with PTA Queen Bee Gwendolyn and her clique of devoted perfect moms.

Cast: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Jay Hernandez, Clark Duke, Annie Mumolo, with Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate
Studio: STX Entertainment
Genre: Comedy
Writers/Directors: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore
Producers: Suzanne Todd, Bill Block

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