There are all sorts of jobs you can get with a healthcare administration degree. You can work directly in the administration of a hospital or clinic or hold all sorts of positions in smaller out-patient facilities. Take a look at these areas where you can use you healthcare administration degree.

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Hospital Administration Jobs

Large hospitals are the most likely place you’ll work with a degree in healthcare administration because they have the most openings. You might be in charge of all the nurses, responsible for patient protocols, be on the hospital’s decision-making board, or manage a number of other things. Healthcare administration is a versatile degree with the average salary around $87,000 per year.

Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center Administration Jobs

If you don’t want to work in a hospital or large clinic, there are plenty of other healthcare facilities to consider. For instance, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers need coordinators with degrees in healthcare administration. The skills you learn in your degree will help you manage patient cases and make sure the facility runs smoothly. You’ll have all sorts of responsibilities that change from day to day.

Medical Insurance or Billing Jobs

Another job possibility with a degree in healthcare administration is working for an insurance or billing company, as they are constantly on the lookout for fresh graduates with a healthcare administration degree. You’d be responsible for verifying insurance, checking records, sending out collection notices, or even helping patients with financial assistance. A healthcare administration degree works just as well in the finance areas of healthcare as it does in the scheduling and staffing area.

Healthcare Research Jobs

You can also help with advances in medicine. Whether you want to help find a cure for the common cold or tackle something more complicated, like cancer, a healthcare administration degree can give you the skills to help. Healthcare research facilities need people who can coordinate research efforts. This can involve everything from staffing and budgets to scheduling and contributing ideas.

Health Information Management Jobs

You can become a subject matter expert in a specific hospital area with a healthcare administration degree. One challenge hospitals face is keeping track of patient information and making sure it is always up to date. With a healthcare administration degree, you could oversee the health information system in a hospital or clinic and make sure it interfaces with other healthcare programs and tracking systems. You might even be responsible for training doctors and nurses on the health information system or monitoring its use.

Healthcare Logistics Jobs

With a healthcare administration degree you can also work behind the scenes. All hospitals and healthcare facilities need supplies — everything from fresh linens and gowns to bandages and surgical supplies. With a degree in healthcare administration, you can help coordinate the logistics efforts behind these healthcare facilities. This might include managing couriers, buying supplies from vendors, tracking supply usage, and much more.

These are just a few of the jobs you can get with a degree in healthcare administration. So, if you’re looking for the right healthcare administration degree program for you, check out

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