If you are looking for a funky cool ride, the Kia Soul may be for you. It is stylish, it is high-tech, and it is cutting edge – which are just a few things that make the Kia Soul cool. A special thanks goes out to Dulles Motorcars of Leesburg, VA for sponsoring this fun post.

kia soul cool

The Coolest Kid On The Block – Kia Soul Cool

So what makes the Kia Soul so cool? Here are six things that up the coolness factor.


Coming in under $18,000 has pretty big appeal in a market saturated with cars starting at numbers way above that price point. The base price is only $15,900 (minus fees) which means it is not only a great car to drive around the city, it could also be a really good starter car for younger drivers as opposed to buying something old and unreliable. 

Designer Collection Package

The Soul gains plenty of style points (in 2016 specifically) with two-toned paint schemes, future-industrial design, and impressive standard equipment that make it stylish and smart. 

Soul EV

The Soul EV is the technologically advanced car that may change your mind about electric vehicles. The Soul EV will give you a range of 149 kilometers, or approximately 92 miles on one charge. Plus the battery isn’t cumbersome and allows you more space to do more and enjoy the roads. 

kia soul cool EV

High Ratings

Coming in second place overall in the J.D. Power Initial Quality StudySM in 2015 against brands like Jaguar, Infinity, Lexus, and more really says something. Plus the car has made Kelley Blue Book’s top-10 list for the 5th year in a row!


There is nothing ‘general’ about the Soul. The safety features are designed specifically for this car, including stress distribution in the case of impact and automatic features to unlock the doors to make exiting the vehicle simple when you need to get out in a hurry. 

kia soul safety

For Everyone

Whether you are a college student heading off to explore new horizons, or a family in need of some space, the ability to cross over is part of what makes the Kia Soul cool. The Soul has great fuel efficiency, yet has the capabilities to give you needed storage and confidence to head where the road may take you. 

kia soul cool trunk


If you are interested in more information about what makes the Kia Soul cool, check out Dulles Kia where you will find great online only e-prices!