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I always see the Publishers Clearning House commercials on TV, and I cannot even imagine winning that much money; it would be a dream come true! To not only have $1 Million dollars, but an additional $5000 every week….that’s just amazing!

What would I do if I won the $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week For Life Mega Prize?

If I won, the first thing I would do is take my family on a much needed vacation, and visit several countries around the world. Then when we get back to our regular life, we of course would pay off our house and student loans, and set aside money for the kids to go to college. Then…my dream house!  I can just see it now. My husband and I are unique and have talked about building a house unlike any other, but we really lack the funds to do so.  Winning this prize would allow us to build our unique house and not have any limitations on how we do it!

Of course our extended family would benefit as well. I am a giver, and always like to make sure everyone is taken care of, so I of course would make sure everyone was comfortable.

Now you have a chance to Win the $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week For Life Mega Prize!

The Mega Prize is BACK! You all remember when LeRoy Faulks won Publishers Clearing House first-ever Mega Prize, right? Well I’m sure you’d love to be the next person to win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week for Life in their June 30th Prize Event. Think about how amazing it would be to receive a check for $5,000 every single week for the rest of your life. In one year alone, you’d have $260,000! And on top of that, the winner would get ONE MILLION DOLLARS ON THE SPOT! Think about what you would do with $1 Million. Now think about what you would do with $5,000 a week for life. Then combine those two thoughts and THAT’S what you could do with the Mega Prize!

So tell us…

What would you do if you won the PCH Mega Prize? What would this mean for you and your family?? Tell me below and then enter for your chance to WIN!



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