As with most parents – I’m busy. I’m lucky in that I work part-time so I can be home with my kids most of the time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly on the go. I’m running the kids to piano, to their grandparents where they spend days when I’m working, or taking them to get new shoes, new gym gear, or whatever the latest need is. I need a busy mom’s survival kit!

Recently I was asked what I keep in my purse for those busy days. I’m a minimalist so honestly, it isn’t much. But there are always a few things I like to keep in my bag that are essentials for wherever life takes me at that moment. 

A Busy Mom’s Survival Kit


Always Available

My Samsung Galaxy S7 is my lifeblood. I get all my work and personal emails right on my phone so I can always know what’s happening with a pressing work issue, or at my kids’ school. I also recently got a Samsung Gear S2 that is linked to my phone, so most days the phone can stay in my purse and I can check everything right on my Bluetooth connected watch. 

Portable Power

While I usually have a charger in my vehicle, sometimes my husband nabs it. I like to have a backup source of power just in case. It is also handy for days when I’m working in the field.

Brown Eyed Girl

I may have brown(ish) eyes, but I like to keep them out of the sun. My shades go with me everywhere, even in winter. The reflection off the snow can be pretty harsh in Wisconsin so the sunglasses are a must have!

Pucker Up

I never, ever leave home without my lip balm. I change out the flavors every once in a while, but I always have to have something for my lips. I tend to get dry lips and a good lip balm is an essential item to keep them moist and soft.

Satisfy My Sweet Tooth

We don’t keep a ton of sugary stuff in our house, but every once in a while I like to sneak a little treat for myself. Especially on days that are a bit stressful or trying.

The Russell Stover snackable chocolates are delicious and easy for me to take along in my bag. I absolutely love the Pomegranate Fruit Filled Bites and Caramel Minis. They have a resealable pouch and have just the right amount of sweetness. The assorted favorites collection are great for sharing so I bring them along to snack on and share with friends and colleagues!


Cash and Carry

While my wallet has all my essentials, like my I.D. and credit cards, I like to carry a little cash for any splurges. Just a few bucks that I allow myself in case I come across something I want to buy. If there is no cash, I don’t get to buy it. It’s an easy way to keep myself on a budget and from spending too much. 

Top Things to Add To Your Busy Mom’s Survival Kit

These essentials may also make it into my purse, either hidden in random pockets or just tossed in my bag to use when needed. 

  • Tissues – nothing is worse than having a runny nose and no tissue, except maybe a kid with a runny nose and no tissue!
  • Pens – you have no idea how many times I’ve cleaned out my purse and forgotten to put a pen back in. Of course, it is never there when I need it!
  • Hair Elastics – a windy day, no problem. A lot of times I will just use my sunglasses as a headband though as well.
  • Gum – for life’s unexpected moments, you’ll definitely want fresh breath for those.
  • Hand Lotion – for me this is a necessity in winter. Dry air equals dry cracked skin and I need a good lotion to use every day.

So my purse may not help me out in a time of crisis, like a zombie apocalypse or a cameo on Survivor, but my busy mom’s survival kit has everything I need for a day out by myself or when running the kids around, including CHOCOLATE!

What do you keep in your busy mom’s survival kit?
Tell us your essentials, I love to hear how others survive the day. 🙂





Russell Stover candies and compensation were provided to me for curating this post, all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading.