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I have wanted a smartwatch ever since they first came out with them – I mean the ability to use your watch for so many functions besides just telling time is priceless, and so Star-Trek inspired! The thing is, most smartwatches on the market have the same problem you’d have with any smartphone – low battery life and a bulky build.

I want to be connected, but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a brick. So when I saw the Cogito watch I knew it was EXACTLY what I have been looking for. You couldn’t ask for more when high style meet smart function. Not only are these watches stunning to look at, they have all the features I would need.


Showing your most important notifications at a glance, Cogito gives you the freedom to focus on living life to the fullest. These watches are designed to be beautifully simple and can be set up in minutes, and unlike many smart watches, Cogito does not need frequent recharging. Cogito is also water resistant to 100m – which helps support your sports and active lifestyle.

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What Cogito is: A Connected Watch almost conventional — one that is comfortable to wear, natural to use and fun to show off — but completely new in its state-of-the-art functions. A connected watch that brings together classic analog movement with digital notifications.

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A gift worth giving

I have been dropping subtle hints to my husband about the gifts I want from him this year for Christmas, and this watch is very high on my list. To be able to tell time without having to pull out my bulky phone – feels retro and classic, but oh so desirable. I’m pretty sure anyone on your shopping list would appreciate the ability to stay connected without having to pull out their phone every five minutes. To manage their time better all while getting back to living life and not feel like you are tethered to your device – priceless!

The Cogito watch offers many great features; incoming and missed call alerts (See Caller ID or phone number on the digital display), email alerts, 3rd Party messenger app alerts (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.), Calendar Reminders, and device low battery alerts, but I think my favorite features of this watch are that you can also use Cogito as a remote control to skip, pause and play music, and to trigger your device camera at the push of a button! The best thing is, you also don’t have to charge your watch battery every day! The Cogito comes with a button-cell battery that lasts for up to a year! Don’t forget that it is also water resistant up to 100 meters!

Want to learn more about these great functions? Check out this awesome video, or head over to the website here: Cogito




Now that you know how amazing this smartwatch is, if you are like me you will be adding this to your gift giving list for sure! Be sure to redeem a $50 USD store credit with code: BLOG50 – This expires on Nov 30, 2014 so don’t delay!


So tell us…

What color is your favorite? I’m partial to white myself. :)

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