When is the last time you thanked your spouse? Impress with this idea!

When is the last time you told your spouse you are thankful for all that he/she does? Do you give him/her the credit and appreciation he/she deserves? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t….. either way spoil your spouse with a surprise Thanksgiving dinner for two!

That’s right…. Send the kids to grandma’s and have a peaceful night for the two of you!

Here is an inexpensive and easy step-by-step guide to creating the romance for your special night!

Don’t be a dummy, impress your hunny: Setting the scene

dollar tree heart candles

Create a simple and inexpensive centerpiece that shows how much you care by doing it yourself! Grab some floral foam, a metal or wicker container, some flowers, and wallah!

dollar tree craft

Then set the table with the festive dinnerware to match your Thanksgiving theme! Grab two bowls, two plates, and some great accessories to compliment your night.

dollar tree thanksgiving

If you still have to go pick up the kids after your dinner date is done, take the romance up a notch with some sparkling cider that is alcohol free.

dollar tree sparkling cider

Now what shall we make to eat? Spicing up the night

dollar tree food

Keep this date from breaking the bank by getting all your supplies right at Dollar Tree. You can use the money you saved to get a really great Christmas gift – because after this date you know you will need a great follow up!

Don’t worry we will be here to help you with that as well!

Coming soon…



So tell us…

Have you ever planned a Thanksgiving dinner for two?



Thanks to Dollar Tree for making sure my next date will be full of sugar and spice!

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One thought on “When is the last time you thanked your spouse? Impress with this idea!

  • November 18, 2014 at 11:09 pm
    I hate that sometimes I have to actually remember to thank my husband for doing things. Thank you for the reminder and the great ideas! Reply

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