This is a sponsored post for the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. All opinions and memories are my own.

When thinking about how tough parenting a teen or pre-teen can be, it can be helpful think back on memories of who your children were, and still are (according to Dr. Ginsburg of the Center for Parent and Teen Communication). 


Chasing you down the hall as you squeal with laughter trying to go faster and faster before the tickle-monster gets you. Pretending I couldn’t find you when we played hide and seek, even though you were always under the covers on the couch. Sharing a bite of your cookie with your sister even though you love chocolate chip cookies. Asking me to read your book just one more time before bedtime even though we’ve already read it three times.


Chasing you around the yard even though you are faster than me now because tag is still one of your favorite games. Not being able to find you for twenty minutes or more because you are so good at finding the perfect hiding spot. Sharing your favorite snacks and drinks with your little sister because you know she loves them too. Asking me to read just one more page before lights out even though we’ve already read three chapters. 

Even though you’ve grown, and maybe a tad embarrassed to get a hug from your mom in public, the older you is just as kind, compassionate, and caring as you were when you were snuggling up to me as a toddler and showering me with hugs and kisses.

This video from A Guide to Parenting Teens summarizes all the feels I have as a mom right now. 

The Center for Parent and Teen Communication is a new, valuable resource for every parent navigating the teen years. You can get a taste for the type of advice you’ll find with this post from the director, Dr. Ginsburg.

What great memories do you have of your kids when they were younger? Share with us!