Earlier this year I gave you some tire buying tips from our friends at Goodyear. Since then, I’ve actually replaced the tires on my car with a set of the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tires and am happy to tell you why this has been a great choice!

I was provided with four brand new tires to replace the worn out tires that were previously on my car, and from the moment I sat behind the wheel with my new tires it was like, ‘Laaaaaaa’!

So let me back up.

The tires I previously had on my car did nothing to muffle the very loud sound of the wheels on the road. The wheels on the car go round and round, round and round, and very loud! I nearly had to wear ear-plugs just to drive my car and would complain about it often to my husband.

The other thing that I was pretty good at with those tires was scuffing them up. I have been known on occasion to be a very good parallel parker. I could in fact park so close to the curb, one might say that I was ‘on’ the curb.

No joke.

goodyear parking

So not only do the new Goodyear tires take care of the loud road noises (no more earplugs – yay!), they also have this cool rim protector feature that helps to protect against that accidental curb damage – not that that would ever happen or anything. :)

What I am most excited about though is the enhanced grip in ice and snow. The tires have an innovative tread compound which gives outstanding wet and dry performance. The use of silica in the rubber compound of the tread helps to improve tread-wear and all-season traction. I could immediately tell the difference once I started driving, even when it was dry.

Plus it has been like rainy monsoon season all year here in Wisconsin (a little dramatic, but I swear it seemed like it was raining nearly every day this summer!), and these tires just give me a little extra piece of mind.

goodyear tires

Winter is on it’s way shortly as well (hello – snow in the forecast for tomorrow – booo!), and I know all to well how slippery roads can get, so having good tires is a must!

weather shot

I have never been one to pay much attention to the cars we put on our tire, my hubby usually handles most of that, but now that I’ve tried these Goodyear tires I am going to insist that all of our tires be Goodyear. I really can tell the difference when I’m driving the car with these tires versus the old ones we used, and I can say – it was definitely worth switching!

If you want to learn more about the right kind of tires for you, check out this info about Goodyear tires: Find the right tire


So tell us….

When is the last time you replaced your tires?




Thank you to Goodyear for providing me a great set of tires!