I was provided a box for review purposes. All opinions are my own.
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While I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, I’ve been drinking coffee for a while. In all my years I have yet to find that perfect bean, that perfect roast, that just the right coffee for me that I absolutely have to have over and over. I’ve simply struggled with where to buy coffee beans that can provide a great taste, are fresh, and give me that wow-factor. 

This struggle isn’t for lack of trying. I’ve bought beans from Amazon, Sam’s Club, local grocery chains, and anywhere I could think of to find a coffee that I could love.

So far I’ve found a few that come close, but then there is always something I don’t like about them, whether it be artificial ingredients added for flavoring or not being a fair-trade coffee, I cannot seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. 

Enter Bean Box. 

I was introduced to Bean Box through a company I partner with. I was given the option to try out a box to see what I thought and figured what the heck, I’m always trying out different coffee brands anyway, this would be an easy way to do it. 

What Is Bean Box

Bean Box is a delivery service that offers coffee beans that have been shipped within 48 hours of roasting — that’s fresh! They work exclusively with 21 of Seattle’s top-rated, award-winning, small-batch roasters from micro-lot farms who roast by hand. 

Bean Box Coffee Gift Guide

If you are looking for where to buy coffee beans, consider Bean Box your personal coffee expert. They make sure the roasts in your box are the best of the best and hand pick every coffee to meet your unique tastes.

Whether you’re looking to expand your palate or fill your morning cup, there is a plan for you that doesn’t include running to the store. Only want dark roasts? Done. Need to skip a month? Easy.

Bean Box Review

When my first box arrived I was eager to find out what different coffee brands I had been sent and dove right in.

where to buy coffee beans
where to buy coffee beans

I ended up with one light roast coffee, two medium, and one darker roast.

While I wanted to try them all, I was able to hold myself back from opening all four and worked through one brand at a time.

One thing I love is the description on each bag of beans. You get info from the brand, and you get a flavor profile from someone at Bean Box who has tried the coffee. It gives me a good idea of what to expect and high hopes of enjoying what’s inside!

Another fun surprise in your box is the addition of chocolate from Seattle Chocolates, and a gift card to Hello Fresh. I’m not sure if the gift card is always included, but it has been in both of the boxes I’ve received so far.

Coffee Ratings

What I found was that all of the varieties were okay, but a few were better than others. Coffee is, of course, all about your own tastes and preferences so you may like some of these more than I did and dislike the ones I enjoyed. The key thing here is that you get variety,

The key thing here is that you get variety, you get a chance to try different roasts and brands so that you can find that one you truly love and stick with it. 

Of the four I decided to rate them out of 10, with 1 being terrible and 10 being outstanding. None were terrible, or even close to terrible, but none were outstanding either.

The ratings ended up being 5/10, 7/10, 5/10, and 6/10. I’ve got another box on the way so my hope is that I’ll finally find the coffee I’ve been looking for with one of these!

Final Thoughts

If you have yet to find that perfect roast or brand or are simply looking for where to buy coffee beans, Bean Box is a great choice. I love trying different varieties that I may have overlooked in the past, and I’ve been surprised a few times by things I ended up liking that I didn’t think I would, or vice-versa.