If you are from Wisconsin, you know what a ButterBurger is and you know the place to get that mouthwatering combination of ButterBurgers and Fresh Frozen Custard just about anywhere in the state is Culver’s. If you are from anywhere outside of Wisconsin then you perhaps have never had the pleasure of these seared to order amazing burgers that are served on a buttered and toasted bun with all the fixings. 

A Little Culver’s History

A little fun fact, the first ever Culver’s location opened in 1984 in an old A&W restaurant right in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Craig and Lee Culver loved the idea of their mom’s homemade hamburgers combined with a favorite vacation treat, fresh frozen custard. With that combination, the Culver’s signature was born: ButterBurgers and Fresh Frozen Custard.

butterburgers and fresh frozen custard

Even if you have a Culver’s near you, I highly suggest taking a little road trip and visiting the very first Culver’s location. Our friends at Kayser Chrysler Center of Sauk City (who sponsored this post), tell us that it is worth the drive. You can probably check out a new vehicle while you are in town, or get yours serviced. They are pretty friendly in the midwest. 

The Deliciousness You’ll Find at Culver’s


These things are so amazingly delicious that just thinking about a ButterBurger has my mouth watering.  

Beyond mouthwatering ButterBurgers

It isn’t just the burgers that are delicious, though. The cheese curds are my favorite!!!

I’m drooling right now thinking about this. Culver’s trip planned for tomorrow! 

The other star of the Culver’s show is, of course, the frozen custard. What is frozen custard you ask?!!! Only the most delicious frozen treat EVER! And yes, it is waaaay better than ice cream. And yes they are different. 

Classic Car Night

While this isn’t available at every location, classic car night is a huge hit in my town. This is a specified night each week where everyone dusts off their vintage vehicles and takes them for a cruise. Culver’s is the appropriate destination of course because where else are you going to get that yummy frozen custard?

classic cars


Have you ever had a ButterBurger or Frozen Custard?





Culver’s is not affiliated with this post in any way, all opinions are my own.