Every time a new child has entered our lives, and we have four kids now, we always get them an adorable new outfit or two. Yes, we do use hand-me-downs but we also feel it is nice to give each child something that is just theirs. Of course, infants grow fast which means that we are continuously looking for new outfits at great prices so we don’t have to break the bank while giving our kids quality and stylish clothes. My 2-year-old toddler girl is our latest little fashionista to shop with me!

Style Tips for Toddlers

Recently, I had some shopping to do myself. With a 3-month-old baby boy and a just turned 2yr old girl, I am picking up new clothes every time the weather changes lately! Walmart and Healthtex offer some great Style Tips for Tiny Fashionistas that help you outfit your toddler’s closet with cute outfits all year long while at the same time keeping costs down. Tips like stocking your toddler’s closet, toddler style for every occasion, and a daycare essentials checklist are included in Parent & Baby section.

Quality Toddler Girl and Boy Clothes at Low Prices

My daughter is starting to express opinions about what she does and does not want, which is great because I get to see her personality. She loves to wear dresses so this really cute sweater dress was a huge hit! My older daughter has several sweater dresses so to see one for a toddler girl that was her size just made our day. She gets to be just like big sissy! 

toddler girl sweater dress

She loved it as much as I did, my little toddler girl just loves to dress up!

healthtex sweater dress toddler1

Finding great clothes like these is really easy. You get quality (this dress is nicely made, will keep her warm, and looks cute!), and you won’t break the bank when you know where to shop. Walmart has a huge selection of baby and toddler clothes, and the Healthtex line that we have been shopping for always gives us clothes that meet the demands of active kids.

The last time we went to Walmart, my daughter picked out a cute, and warm, set of Healthtex pajamas. They were made of fleece so I know they are going to be soft and comfortable while keeping her warm at the same time. The price was right as well, so allowing her to pick one thing for herself wasn’t a big deal. We also grabbed a set for my baby boy, along with a lined sweater to keep him warm.

healthtex toddler girl boy clothes

Tips for adding quality items to your toddler’s closet

  • Make a list – what do you already have, and what new pieces do you need to keep your child comfortable for the next few months.
  • Shop for the seasons – you never know when the growth spurts are going to happen, make sure clothing you buy is right for the upcoming season (not too big or too small). Buying in advance when there is a great sale can work well, but can also be a flop if your child isn’t the right size for the clothes at the appropriate time.
  • Think practical – even though an outfit is cute, it may not be the best choice if your toddler cannot run, crawl, jump, and play easily in it. Also be sure to choose fabrics that aren’t going to be itchy or irritating to your child’s skin.
  • Be budget savvy – It is no secret toddlers are into everything and make lots of messes. Choose inexpensive clothes that allow little ones to be rough on them without the worry of replacement cost. At budget friendly retailers like Walmart, you can always find great clothes at low prices that you will get lots of mileage out of. 


This post sponsored by The Motherhood, Healthtex, and Walmart. All opinions my own.