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We live in a small town, and in a neighborhood where pretty much everyone knows one another. So what need could we have for a security camera that monitors outside of our home? 

It’s not necessarily the idea that we feel unsafe, although having a wire-free security system does give a little extra piece of mind, it is more about capturing life as it happens. 


It is being a part of those everyday moments that you may have missed otherwise, or may not even have realized had happened, like my kids having a little fun playing football together in the front yard.
wire-free security system


Just the other day I was browsing through the stored video footage from our security system and saw all four of my kids playing laser tag together. I was at work when they were playing so normally I would have missed this beautiful moment where they were having fun together as a family.


View video on YouTube here.

The older kids were being so thoughtful and helpful to the little kids and it just warmed my heart to see them this way. 

But it’s more than that as well. 

  • Watching as my kids get off the school bus in the afternoon even if I’m still at work.
  • Knowing who is knocking on my door before I even get to the door.
  • Knowing who left a package and what time it was dropped off.
  • Wondering what animal has been sneaking around our backyard has been solved thanks to the security camera on our back door.
  • Knowing when my older kids are coming and going and who they are bringing over to the house helps us keep them accountable and responsible.
  • And in the rare case that something should happen where someone is trying to access our home or is damaging our property, we’d have the video surveillance to help capture any perpetrators. 

All of these little things and more make having a security system invaluable to us. 

Why A Wire-Free Security System?

No Monthly Fees

A Lorex Wire Free Camera System gives us the opportunity to do all of the above and more with no monthly fees involved.

The 1080p HD system we have includes 1TB of local storage on a DVR system so you do not have to worry about paying a monthly fee to access via a cloud service. You can simply upgrade your storage if you want to store more, or you can download video footage as desired to free up space. 

View Live Or Recorded

I love the fact that you can go in at any time and playback footage when motion has been detected. You can also hop on and turn on the cameras for a live feed at any time.

You can save manual recordings or snapshots and share them out via social media. The cameras also record audio if desired so you can hear exactly what is being said outside your front door.

The cameras have infrared night vision so they will capture motion day or night, and the night images are very crisp and clear. You won’t miss a thing with the Lorex Wire-Free Security System!

Simple Setup

The entire installation process could not have been any easier. I typically leave this type of stuff to my husband because I get nervous about doing things incorrectly, but all you had to do was put the battery pack into the camera, hang it up in your desired location using the included guide, and hit the button to pair to the DVR. 

The batteries come fully charged and the devices are already set to pair to the right DVR so you just need to basically turn them on and you’re golden. There are no wires to run and nothing to be plugged in, which makes installation really simple and easy. 

If you want more details on the whole installation process check out my post on Lorex Security Camera Installation.

Lorex App

If you install the Lorex Secure app on your phone, you can easily connect and control all of the installed cameras in the palm of your hand. This makes it easy to check on your home when you are out of town, at work, or just want to see what the kids are up to. 

You can also enable motion alerts so you get a notification every time a camera is triggered. I do recommend leaving this off for high traffic areas as I was getting notifications every few minutes this summer when kids were running in and out of the house — yikes!

Regardless of your reason for considering a wire-free security system, I highly recommend the Lorex 1080p HD Wire-Free Camera System we went with.

You get everything you need right in one box, setup is simple and easy, and if you are like me you will enjoy watching the playback of what has been happening around your house — it’s better than reality TV!