I will admit that I’ve used Crest most of my life. My mom always bought it so I just continued the trend when I was out on my own and kept on buying it. Now that I’ve been a parent for over seven years, I know that this is the toothpaste that I also want my kids to be using.

While I have dabbled in trying out other brands, and didn’t mind using them for the most part, there are a few reasons why I decided that Crest is the best choice for us.

  • All Crest Toothpastes are 100% Triclosan Free
  • Crest listens to their consumers [all toothpastes will be micro-bead (Polyethylene) free by March 2016]
  • My mouth feels fresh and clean
  • My husband is a HUGE healthy mouth guy and insists on quality mouth care – so Crest it is (did you know gum disease can lead to heart disease?!!!)

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received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review.