When you have four kids and love to travel, having a vehicle that is a perfect fit is a must. 

We’ve had a range of vehicles over the last ten years. We’ve work commuters, family vehicles, and some that were just for fun. Recently, the Kia Sorento has stood out as a vehicle that would be perfect for our family.

About The Kia Sorento

I could tell you all about the engine and the specs, but you can find that info anywhere online. The important things to know for a family considering a new vehicle are whether or not everyone is going to be comfortable, if it fits in the budget, and if you like the vehicle or not. 

A few things that are important to us when considering a vehicle for our family are the safety rating, the fuel economy, and whether or not our family of six can fit comfortably. You’d be surprised how many vehicles claim to seat seven or more, but you wouldn’t really want to squeeze anyone into those ‘extra’ seats. 

The 2019 Kia Sorento has a great safety rating and one of the better fuel economies for its class, but the kicker… it comes with a standard third-row seat that is comfortable!

One of the other really cool features about this vehicle — the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that is included. You can simply plug in your phone and use your Google maps for navigation and more. Say goodbye to expensive navigation systems you have to constantly update!

Another feature that is standard is the rear-camera display. I’ve probably been spoiled by having this in my last few vehicles, but I really cannot live without this after having had it. My MIL’s vehicle does not have it and driving her vehicle feels like a whole different world after being used to the parking and back-up sensors!

Most of the other features included with the Kia Sorento can be dependent on your tastes and budget. Personally, I love having heated seats in the cold Wisconsin winters, but that may not be a necessity for you. 

Overall, the Kia Sorento is a great choice for any family if you need a little extra space but still want a stylish vehicle that has a high-end feel. 


Thanks to Wyatt Johnson Kia for helping craft this post.