If you are a mom and are not happy with your smile, there is a solution. Orthodontists report that one out of every three of their patients is an adult, and in many cases, they are moms. A straight bright smile is important to both how you feel about your smile and your overall oral health. Learn more about why moms that are unhappy with their smile should consider Invisalign treatment.

A Happy Mom Is Best

There are many reasons a mom may feel insecure, but your smile should not be one of them, especially when there is an easy solution. Misaligned teeth are the second-most common reason people cite for feeling insecure about their oral health. As you can imagine, when you do not feel good about your smile, you are far more likely to smile less.

Smiling less can affect your children’s perception of you. They may see you as being stern or, even worse, may perceive that you are unhappy. Unfortunately, unhappiness is contagious just like happiness is. When your child has a mom that smiles less, they learn to smile less.

It is not just your kids that perceive a smile as happiness. According to a study by Kelton done for Invisalign, 58% of Americans surveyed report they perceive someone with a straight smile as being successful. People with confident smiles are also perceived as smarter, happier, and healthy.

Be a Good Role Model

Oral health should be a priority for every family. When your children see that you make a healthy happy smile a priority for you, they are very likely to follow suit and take their oral health seriously. As a mom, you have a great deal of influence on your children and what they make a priority in their own lives. Showing them that everyone deserves a confident smile is an important lesson.

Taking care of your oral health and feeling good about your smile are good for you and they are good for your family. Invisalign treatment is an easy way to get the smile you feel good about and to show your children how easy it can be to fix your teeth.

Watching mom transform her smile and make oral health a priority is a great way to show your kids that a healthy straight smile feels great. Let your kids see you smile often because you know you are doing something good for your smile.

Invisalign Is Convenient

As a busy mom, it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to fixing your crooked teeth. Invisalign treatment is convenient and makes it easy to manage the time you need to get that straight, brilliant smile you deserve. With Invisalign, you do not have to go to the orthodontist as often as you do with traditional braces. Every six weeks or so you go to the orthodontist for a checkup and get your new trays.

It can take anywhere from six months to about 24 months to reach your smile goals with Invisalign depending on what corrections need to be made. It is overall a simple process that does not take up too much of your time. It can be that simple to finally reach your smile goals with Invisalign.

It Can Be Affordable

Invisalign treatment can be an affordable option with easy monthly payments. Ask your orthodontist if they offer payment plans. Monthly payments can make the process more affordable. Your smile is worthy of a small investment!

If you are a mom and you are not happy with your smile, you should know that unhappiness spills over into everything that you do. You can find the time, you can afford it, and you can show your kids what good oral health can do for you.