Soaring through a lush canopy fragrant with the scent of Eucalyptus at speeds of up to 45 mph. Where else could you experience this thrilling adventure other than the best zip line in Maui – the Skyline Eco-Adventures tour!

My husband and I had the chance to experience this zip line tour on our recent visit to Maui, and I have to say – it was one of the highlights of our time on the island. Our guides were funny, knowledgeable, and made everyone feel at ease.

best zip line in Maui

I’ve been zip-lining before, but the other members of our party had not and everyone was a bit nervous at the beginning. Our guides reassured everyone that they would be safe, made sure to demonstrate the proper technique fully, and basically just helped us all have fun!

Highlights Of The Tour

Your tour starts off with a short and easy hike to the first zip platform. Along the way you learn about Hawaii’s flora, fauna and culture as your guides lead you through the Haleakala Forest.

I wish I could remember what the story was that went along with this ‘dog’, but all I can remember now that we are home is that there was a really corny joke and we were all laughing really hard!

Jump Right In

The first zip had everyone a little nervous since most in our group hadn’t done this before. I was stoked, but let my husband give it a go first so he could get his fear out of the way. On the first zip-line your soar over 90-foot drops and canyons filled with fragrant eucalyptus trees. It is quite exhilarating!

best zip line in Maui

You also experience an Indiana Jones style swinging bridge high above a canyon. I absolutely loved traversing this bridge and thought it was fantastic!

While finishing the best zip line in Maui, you get to swing on Hawaii’s only pendulum line reaching speeds over 45 mph.

In the end, everyone had a great time and I would recommend doing this to anyone! 

For added measure, my mother-in-law and father-in-law had taken this same zip line tour earlier in the year when they were in Hawaii and absolutely loved it as well. They recommended it to us, and I’m very happy we decided to go with their advice!

Book your own zip line adventure with the best zip line in Maui!

The Best Zip Line In Maui
The Best Zip Line In Maui – $124.95
Haleakala is the crowning jewel of Maui, making up nearly 75% of the island. On this zipline adventure, soar along the slopes of this massive volcano; fly through towering trees; and float over seasonal pools on five different ziplines.


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