Have you ever thought about bringing your kids along the next time you needed to shop for a vehicle? I hadn’t until recently, but there are some really valid reasons for doing so.

Advantages To Car Shopping With Kids

Some advantages to bringing your child along with you when buying a new car including checking to see if car seats will fit, if door handle heights are easy for your kids, ride height is adequate, and making sure accessibility to any rear seats is easy. 

Even if you don’t decide to bring your child with you, you must bring your child’s car seat along. It is important to know if the seat will fit properly and whether or not the vehicle allows you to have easy access to your child. Testing it out before your purchase is thinking ahead!

We also brought our stroller along the last time we went car shopping. Storage space in a vehicle can be a huge factor when you have to cart around strollers, diaper bags, groceries, and more.

Another thing to think about is if your child enters your current vehicle and can buckle themselves independently, or if that is something you are looking to foster in the near future. Ease of access can really be a deal breaker when thinking about how many times your kids will get in and out, and how easy it will be for them to do so without your assistance.

Allowing your child to enter vehicles on their own while test driving will provide you with insight into the vehicles usability. It will give you visual confirmation that the ride height and door handle placement will work best for your child’s needs and whether or not you’ll have adequate room to climb in and help them should they need assistance with seatbelts.

Do you have teenagers? If you have a teen or tween, the chances that your new car purchase will later become the first vehicle they drive are pretty good. Bring your teen along for their opinion. Ask if they like the vehicle and if they would be comfortable learning to drive it later.

While your say is the ultimate deciding factor, taking into account their thoughts and giving them an opinion can avoid some teenage meltdowns later on. 

Make the entire day a fun experience for everyone and your next new vehicle can be the perfect fit for the entire family!



Thanks to Lynch Mukwonago for giving us these great tips for car shopping with kids!