I will admit, I don’t often wear a ton of makeup. In fact, I usually like to try and save it for special occasions because I’ve just never been that girl. I’ve pretty much always been a Tom-boy, and while I have embraced my inner beauty queen as I’ve grown into adulthood, makeup is still something that isn’t at the forefront of my mind.

With that being said, I LOVE to use makeup and dress up for special occasions, especially when I can get a little costume-y about it. 🙂 With the new Disney Princess Beauty Collection – Good vs. Evil, I can do either thing! I can dress to the nine’s and go out on the town feeling like a princess, or I can really use the makeup to make myself look a bit over the top.

“Channel your inner Disney Princess (or villain!) with a beauty collection that embodies the characteristics, stories and personalities of Disney’s beloved heroine, Aurora, and villain, Maleficent. The collection includes look books, eyelashes, nail art and cosmetic bags.”

aurora makeup

What I love about this collection is how unique it is. If you know someone who is a fan of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent or Disney, these would make an amazing gift. With the holidays coming up, the Good vs. Evil Disney Princess Collection would make great stocking stuffers! The collection is available at Walgreens stores nationwide.

I received a set of the eyelashes, an eye collection with eye-shadow and eyeliner, and an awesome makeup bag.


So now the question remains, do I choose good or evil?

I rounded up some of the e.l.f brand eye-shadow and false eyelashes. After looking at each, I decided there was only one way to go today. Evil of course!

I cleaned up and started with a fresh face. Isn’t it so cute?! 🙂

aurora before1

Then I followed the instructions on the packages by applying the three eye-shadow colors starting with the lightest. I then applied a black liner that came with the kit, and finally the false lashes. I have never used false lashes before so this was an experience for sure.

Here is what I ended up with for my ‘wicked’ evil look, messy hair and all:

aurora maleficent after1

I’m not sure how great of a job I did with the lashes, but they definitely give me more volume!

Then I toned it down just a tad for my not so wicked evil look:

aurora maleficent makeup1

And finally, through the magic of Picmonkey, I created a pure on Zombie look!

aurora maleficent after zombie

Still need to catch up your villians? Maleficent releases on Blu-ray November 4th!

Be sure you pick up your copy, it is a must own Disney Classic in the making!

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maleficent header


So tell us….

Which look would you like to rock, good or evil?



Products provided courtesy of Disney Consumer Products, all opinions are my own.