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Staying busy is my motto around here. Whether it’s running the kids to all their activities, walking to the library to return books, or any number of the home improvement projects we keep coming up with. We are always on the move.

Our latest project has been to refinish our deck. Since there are about five billionty spindles on this thing, it’s been taking forever! The good news is that I received my Jabra Elite 85 wireless noise-cancelling headphones just in time.

I’ve been using them to listen to podcasts and music as I paint my deck, which if anyone has ever done this you know what a long painstaking process it can be.

About The Jabra Elite 85

Smart active noise cancellation

If you are in a crowded area with lots of background noise, this is the feature for you! The ANC (active noise cancellation) does a great job of removing unwanted background noise to allow only the sounds you want to hear.

You control the settings within the Jabra Sound+ app, which at first can seem a little cumbersome, but once you figure it out you should have no issues getting everything set just the way you like it.

Jabra Elite 85 Battery Life

During all this painting and painting and painting that I’ve been doing, the battery life on the Elite 85 has held up great. I’ve listened to audiobooks, podcasts, music, and more. With 36 hours of battery life on a single charge you won’t miss a beat.

Throw in a few walks to the library or strolls with the kids, and you’ve got a set of wireless headphones that can last the whole day through!

Enhanced call quality with voice assistant

There are eight, yes eight microphones in these headphones. Six are used for enhanced call quality by blocking wind and background noise. One visit to the park with your kids and you’ll be amazed at the crystal clear sound.

In addition to great sound quality, one touch voice assistant is included. You can connect to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to set appointments while still on your mind, find nearby events, have your messages read to you, and more. It’s like wearing a portable office that also gets rid of background distractions!

Another fantastic feature is that the headphones recognize when you remove them from your ears. Audio will pause and calls are muted… they basically are the perfect assistant because you don’t have to tell them what to do, they just do it.

Rain Resistant

I’m a big fan of products that I can use in my every day life. I don’t want to change up my normal routine because a little rain threatens to slow me down.

With the Elite 85h wireless headphones you don’t have to change a thing. There is a 2-year warranty against water and dust which means rainy day walks to the coffee shop are still in my future!

The big takeaways

What I really like about these headphones is that they are comfortable and you barely notice you are wearing them. Of course you want great sound and some noise cancelling, which you do get with these, but I’m a comfort gal.

On to the sound… the quality on these is really good, and the automatic noise cancelling feature works really well. You basically tune everything around you out and can just sit and listen to your music, or podcast, or whatever.

If you do want to hear when someone is talking to at the same time you have your music going, you can turn on hear-thru mode which allows you to hear the music, but you’ll notice if someone is trying to talk to you.

What I’m not sure I like (I both like it and don’t like it at the same time) is the folding ear pieces. While I like that you can make them compact and they fold up nicely to fit inside the case, I always feel like I’m going to twist it the wrong way and break something. This is probably just my own anxiety since they are definitely not flimsy at all, and once you figure out how to fold them up it’s pretty simple, but I still get nervous doing it.

Overall a great set of headphones that I would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality set of noise cancelling headphones.

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