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One of the first questions I asked myself last fall when I was considering a wireless security camera system was “Do I really need security cameras?’.

I live in a safe town where crime is pretty minimal if almost non-existent. I know all my neighbors and I feel safe letting my kids ride their bikes around town, walk to a friend’s house, and play outside without constant supervision.

So why would I need a security camera system?

This is one of the first things I discussed six months ago when I wrote about Why A Wire-Free Security System Is Right For Us. But what about you? Have you thought about wireless home security cameras and why you might need them around your home?

Why Home Security Cameras Are Important

Capturing Life

No matter if you live in a small town or a large city, it’s not always about feeling unsafe, although having a wire-free security system does give a little extra piece of mind, having a wireless security camera system is more about capturing life as it happens. 

Capturing everyday moments on your security cameras can always bring a smile to your face!

If you normally miss out on all the fun things your kids are doing when you are away at work having a security camera system can help you feel like you are still part of all the fun.

I love using my security cameras to watch as my kids get off the school bus in the afternoon even if I’m still at work.

If I have been wondering what animal has been sneaking around our backyard, I don’t have to guess anymore. 

I can pull up the footage and see exactly who has been paying us a visit!

All of these little things make having a security system invaluable to us. 

Deter Crime

Security cameras do deter crime. Just the mere presence of a camera can cut down the chance of crime happening. Not everyone is willing to take the risk of being caught on camera, which means your home could be a little safer with a Lorex wireless security camera system installed.

A study by the Urban Institute shows that “camera systems can be a cost-effective way to deter, document, and reduce crime”.

Solve Crimes

Hopefully, it is never the case but if a crime were to happen in or around your home, having a wireless security camera system installed can be very helpful to authorities in solving the case.

Many police departments around the country use this same technology, coupled with social media, to find and apprehend perpetrators.

I find it especially fun when our local police department couples their camera footage with a little humor.

Ease Of Access

Security cameras are definitely becoming more affordable and more accessible. With the ability to install a system without wires or costly subscription services, more and more people are taking advantage of having cameras installed around their home.

The Lorex Wireless Security Camera System we installed in our home is inexpensive and offers loads of features including HD video coupled with full-color night vision.

The video quality has been amazing and we’ve been thrilled with all the fun stuff we’ve been able to capture on our cameras.

Easy To Install

If installing a security camera system is the only thing holding you up, don’t worry. The technology available today means that installation and setup is a breeze!

I had my system up and running in almost no time — see my full installation process here.

Do you have a home security system? What do you love about having this extra peace of mind?