Cowboy boots are not only an iconic all-American look but also the perfect all-purpose women’s shoe: dress them up or down and wear them in the summer or for trudging through snowy winter sidewalks.

Noted fashion blogger Allyson Payner points out that “the cowboy boot craze is really the only shoe craze that matters now,” and we couldn’t agree more. This footwear is the perfect thing to add to your closet since cowboy boots are so effortlessly versatile. Check out some of our favorite ideas for styling cowboy boots to create a unique and edgy look that is totally you. If you were wondering what to wear with cowboy boots, take a peek at our suggestions below.

Cowboy Boots and Blue Jeans: the Ultimate Style Icon

Image via Flickr by blueincclothing

Modern cowboy boots for women are a throwback to the days of the Wild West and the pinnacle of Americana chic, although today’s boots are more intricate and higher quality than ever. These days, women’s cowboy boots come adorned with intricate stitching and beautiful inlay designs in a rainbow of color options. In addition, cowboy boots combine perfectly with a pair of classic blue jeans. 

Pull them over a pair of skinny jeans or tuck them under your bootcut jeans for a casual yet stylish look. In colder weather, sub in a pair of cozy leggings and a sweater dress or a tunic. Pair them with a crisp blazer and nice jeans for casual Friday at work. Best of all, this look transitions to after-work happy hour drinks or dancing with friends.

You can even wear Western-inspired accessories like turquoise and silver jewelry to complete the look. Sometimes, all you need is a pair of jeans and a sturdy pair of cowboy boots to look and feel your best.

Fun and Flirty: the Maxi Dress

Matching your modern cowboy boots with a floral or white eyelet lace maxi dress is reminiscent of the early days of the cowboy look, without being too matchy-matchy. Complete the look with a denim jacket. For a slightly dressier version of this combo that’s perfect for casual Friday at the office or a date night, match your cowboy boots with a shirt dress, or turn to the fashion runways for inspiration and pair them with a floor-length animal print dress.

How to Pick the Best Boots for Your Look

Add to your look to create an edgy version of you, rather than trying to look like someone else. Instead of replacing everything you own or buying a bunch of new, expensive pieces for your closet, just match a pair of cowboy boots with much of what you already have. They really are that versatile.

When shopping for a new pair of cowboy boots, consider the size, shape, and fit of each pair. A good fit will ensure your feet feel comfy all day long. Make sure to select a pair that matches your personal style, whether that is sweet and understated or colorful and detailed. That way, not only will you feel incredibly chic every time you wear them, but you’ll also feel like you.

Have you taken the plunge and grabbed your own pair of high-quality cowboy boots yet?

Featured image photo by Misael Nevarez on Unsplash