I love to read in bed; and as I mentioned when I told you about the Arm Cozies I tried out, I find that sometimes reading in bed has it’s disadvantages. 

One of those disadvantages is finding a comfortable way to prop yourself up, yet still being comfortable when holding a book. For me, my arms tend to fall asleep if I stay in one position too long, or I just cannot get comfortable in general.

One thing I have found that has helped me alleviate some of these concerns, is the BookWedge.

I was able to try out a BookWedge recently, and really love how it props the book up for me, so I don’t have to hold my arms up in the air and move them into different positions to keep them from falling asleep. 

The BookWedge, is an inflatable book shelf that is very lightweight and easy to use. I simply set it on my dresser when I am done for the night and it is ready for me again the next day!

In addition to the BookWedge, we also got to try out the WondaWedge. The WondaWedge is a versatile inflatable backrest, ideal for indoor or outdoor activities. My kids like to use it to sit on the floor and watch TV. It is perfect, because we don’t allow them to have popcorn on the couch, yet they can still sit comfortably and watch a movie with us while being supported sitting up.

I tried out the WondaWedge a few times, and it is actually quite comfortable. The only thing I have found is that my children are a little rough with it, and it seems to either get holes, pop, or otherwise deflate easily. So far two of them have deflated on us after the children were rough housing (I wouldn’t recommend letting them belly flop on top of one) 😮 .  

Overall we really like these. As long as you don’t let your kids jump on them and play roughly with them they should hold up. They do actually make a great addition for when we need extra seating, or someone wants to be propped up comfortably while watching a movie!


Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch received a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.