WHAT IS WONDER BOX? Wonder box is a subscription service that provides a box a month for curious kids ages 3 to 6.  You get Three handpicked projects + all supplies.  There are monthly themes: crafts, science, & more.

More about Wonder Box:

Kids love mail!   Wonder Box arrives on your doorstep, addressed to your child.
Make memories together:  Get three creative projects and every supply you need to do them. Plus, extra treats every month!
Learning that lasts:  Quality materials and projects made for repeat play.
Here is what was in the Wonder Box that came for my kids:
So far we have tried the Stone Soup, which was an interesting and exciting experience.  I had actually made some vegetable soup prior to getting this activity, and I knew my son would have a difficult time eating it because he is going through a phase where if it doesn’t look good to him, he won’t eat it.  
The soup itself has ingredients he has already had before, but because it was in a soup form I knew he would probably not want to eat it.  My three year old daughter still eats anything, lol.  
Anyway, I saw that the Wonder Box came with a recipe for stone soup, so I thought not only would this be a great learning tool to spark their imaginations, but I might be able to get my son to eat this soup as well!  
We started off by reading the book that came in the box.  Stone Soup is a story that talks about a hungry traveler who comes to a village and is offered no help by the townsfolk.  He decides to take out his pot and boil some water and add a stone.  He told everyone he was making stone soup to share, to which the townsfolk quickly decided would be much better if it had more ingredients.  So one by one they all added their ingredients and eventually they had a magnificent soup.  
The story is unique in that the kids can color the pages as we go, draw pictures of what they would put in the soup, and more.  I was actually quite surprised at how well my kids took to doing this activity with me.  My son gets easily bored, and I wasn’t sure how well my three year old would like it; but I am happy to say they both not only enjoyed listening to the story, but they really liked doing the activity pages as well!  It was a treat finding out which ingredients they would add to the soup.
After the story I had my kids each put a stone in some water and we set it to boil.  After a few minutes I added the stones to a bowl of soup I had ready for each of them, and told them their stone soup was ready.  My daughter of course had no problem eating her soup, but my son, even after seeing his “stone soup”, was not interested in eating it at all.  
Even though the story itself was fun and a big success with the kids, my soup was not.  Hopefully next time I can get him to eat it!  Maybe I’ll have him help me make the soup itself so he can see everything that goes into it.
The Story Cards are the next thing on the list for us to try out.  
Each card has a picture and you have to make up a story based on the picture. Each person can continue the previous person’s story using their own card, or for my kids it might be easier to just let them make up their own story for each card (since my daughter is pretty young yet).  I can’t wait to see what kind of fun stories their imaginations can come up with!  
The cape I think I am going to save for when it is just me and my daughter since it wouldn’t be fair for both my kids to be here and only one of them gets to do it.  My son does lots of projects during school all day, so this might be fun for her to try out on her own.  You get to color on the white side of the cape, making any type of design you want, then you iron it on so it is permanent and let them enjoy!

Wonder Box is a great tool for sparking imagination and just having fun with your kids.  I highly recommend this craft subscription service over others that are out there because the materials are quality, and the projects are well thought out.  Everything is fully explained and you won’t have any doubt on how to use the items with your kids.  It really is a great service, and would make a great gift from a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.  
Written by Jesica H.
Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch received a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.