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Imagine this. It is the middle of the night and you have been comforting your sick child for hours but his fever just spiked. You already gave him some Tylenol a bit earlier but are wondering what more you can do. You are worried about the fever getting higher, yet are unsure if taking your child into the doctor in the middle of the night is the right choice. You are pretty sure it is just a cold and you should wait it out, but then again, what if it’s not?

DOD 90 Minute ER Visit ORDo you:

A) Take your child in to be seen where the only facility open is the ER in which you will most likely pay at least $75-$150 out of pocket just for stepping foot in the door, not to mention disrupting the entire household by getting everyone up out of bed to tag along losing hours of precious sleep. You then sit in the waiting room for who knows how long (sometimes hours depending on how serious the cases coming in are) before you are even seen, all the while still worrying about that fever and what is going to happen to your child.

B) Make a simple call using the Dr. On Demand app where you can instantly be connected to a real LIVE doctor in seconds, speak to them about your concerns, and even show video through your smartphone camera as to what is going on. You will get real answers in real time without driving anywhere, without waiting in a waiting room, without a huge emergency bill. You spend $40 for a 15 minute call and peace of mind.

The choice is yours.


Using Doctor On Demand

This past weekend (a holiday weekend no less) I chose to use Doctor On Demand to check out a little rash on my daughter’s head. It wasn’t really a rash, it looked more like really dry flaky skin but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was so I wanted to have it looked at without having to wait weeks for an appointment…. plus I knew it wasn’t an urgent care type of thing.

My thoughts were that it was either just really dry skin or cradle cap. Confirming with a doctor would ease my mind and help me know what the best course of action should be.

Using the app was really easy. I already had it downloaded on my phone so I just opened the app, typed in the symptoms being experienced, and waited while a doctor was paged.

DOD symptoms  DOD paging doctor

Once a doctor is paged they review your symptoms, which only takes a few moments, and then you are connected with a live person and can discuss what the situation is.

DOD reviewing symptoms  DOD connected

I was connected with Dr. Amy, and she was very nice and helpful. The great thing about this service is that you are on a video call so the doctor can SEE what it is you are describing. In my case it was a little tough for her to see the patch of flaky skin on my daughter’s head as every time I tried to put the phone close enough for her to see it on video, my daughter would try to grab the phone. She is only 6 1/2 months old after all. :-)

Baby interruption issues aside, she was still able to talk me through describing to her what the area of skin looked like, and gave me some examples that I could answer yes or no to. She was able to tell me that from what I was describing it really sounded like it was just some really dry skin and suggested some things I could do to help.

After the call I felt more at ease and was really grateful to know that I had an answer without leaving my home or spending a lot of money to go to the clinic. The only thing that would have made the call even better would have been taking a picture to show the doctor, which may have been easier than getting my baby girl to sit still for a video. I didn’t realize until after the fact that you could take a picture.

Important info about Doctor On Demand

(Information received from Doctor On Demand)
  • All doctors are US licensed and board certified
  • Cost – $40 (same as most co-pays)
  • Doctor On Demand doctors have years of experience
  • Doctor On Demand doctors are highly educated
  • All doctors are background checked before joining Doctor On Demand

When should you use Doctor On Demand?

  • Use Doctor On Demand for –
    • cold, cough, flu, allergies
    • Rash, Pink eye, hayfever
    • Asthma, bladder infections
    • pediatric questions
    • most cases that are not life threatening
    • prescriptions refills
    • referral to a specialist
  • Do not use Doctor On Demand for any medical problem that is life-threatening
    • chest pain/pressure
    • poisoning
    • seizures
    • serious head, neck or back injury
    • broken bone

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So tell us….

Have you ever had a nerve wracking experience where you wish you had a doctor in the palm of your hand?


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