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Finally. Spring is here! It is that time of year. Our whole family has been going stir-crazy waiting for it to come around. Living in a northern climate has its benefits (less bugs, and being able to enjoy winter activities), but there are a lot of winter days that you are confined to your house. With spring finally starting to show, we like to be outside as much as possible enjoying spring activities. The other weekend the neighbors on both sides were outside cleaning up, and we were right out there doing our own yard as well.

The sandbox has been dusted off, the trampoline swept, picnic tables set out. We are ready to take advantage of the opportunity to get outside.  Since everyone is very busy with work and school, the one thing we don’t want to have to worry about is the lawn.

Having a nice lawn is important to us. It is the key to helping maintain property values. A nice lawn is good for our baby to crawl around in, our kindergartner to run around in her bare feet, or our son diving from another errant Frisbee pass from dad. We also like to have friends and family over for a good game of ladder golf, volleyball, roasting marshmallows over the firepit, or just letting the kids run. A lawn can sometimes be an afterthought.

large yard

Ever been to a yard that isn’t well maintained? Getting dirt all over your shoes from the bare patches (not to mention a muddy mess from having a slip and slide), or having to worry about thistles can be a hassle.

We like for our kids to go outside to get some natural vitamin D from the sun, even if it is while they are laying in the grass with their tablets.

The yard up the street is the nicest in town. Whenever I go by there, I see the owner out there putting a lot of time and effort into making his yard the nicest around.  For the rest of us, there is TruGreen.

Live Life Outside with TruGreen

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