Families tend to adapt, shift and grow together, and as time goes on, the dynamic can and will change. As children mature and parents grow older, a kind of common bond grows even stronger as no longer do parents have to be quite so attentive to every single thing their child does, and can trust them to make their own decisions, always ready to lend advice if needed.

However, as a family grows older and becomes more mature (or perhaps as some members of the family believe this is the case, such as your fifteen-year-old acting as if they were a legal adult), it’s important to retain that sense of silly, childish fun that you always had in the household. After all, if you can’t be childish and silly around your family, who can you enjoy this kind of behavior with?

Enjoy Halloween In The Best Way

Halloween is coming up and can be a good time to throw away your worries and cares and enjoy some harmless home fun. Why not make a big deal of it this year? With the best Halloween costumes ready to go, your willingness to dance and some great party food, bringing the family together, trick or treating, and heading to local community events can ensure a memorable outcome.

This can even be a great excuse to recall certain members of your family back home, such as your grown children, or invite their grandparents around. A little fun, a few spooky movies, and perhaps a glass or two of wine are all you need to enjoy a great time, and kickstart the autumn/winter feeling with joy.

The Love Of Baking

There’s nothing quite as fun and enjoyable as baking with your family, as somehow wrestling with our siblings overeating all of the cookie mixtures, crafting amazing cakes and biscuits, and perhaps trying something new like a layered cake can bring people together and allow them to share that love in the best possible light.

The love of baking isn’t childish in itself, but it can certainly bring people together with that comfortable, carefree fun that some people feel they rarely have the chance to enjoy anymore. On top of that, passing your skills down to your kids can be deeply satisfying, enabling you to spend more quality time with them despite the fact they’ve flown the nest.

Run A Family Comedy Movie Night

Bringing together family members for a regular movie night is a great way to connect, spur conversation, and enjoy laughing together. The best part is that if someone has the chance to recommend a movie each week, and the person responsible for the movie changes each time, you’ll be sure to get a lot of different experiences.

Some might opt for a Will Ferrel movie, and some might go for classic and older films like Animal House. In the long run, that sense of togetherness and the means by which to show others something we appreciate is an act of love and will help you continue to appreciate one another.

As children grow older and gain more responsibilities as well as independence, and as parents redesign the homes and old bedrooms they used to stay in, having a nice week or bimonthly event you all attend, something as cost-effective as this, can be a big boost to everyone’s mood.

Keep That Familial Slang Alive

Many families cultivate their own slang and funny phrases or terms. This is not abnormal, in fact, it’s a great sign of a community bond. For instance, it might be that your daughter had a term for a dog or a cat that was so funny it stuck around, and now this is the default.

Keep that alive, and don’t be afraid to remind your children of that or their funny childhood moments. Sharing in these memories and retaining that unique sense of community is always lovely and important, even if it doesn’t happen every second of every day these days. Sometimes, nostalgia is a great way to strengthen your bonds and have fun.

With this advice, you’re sure to see and exercise the value of injecting childish fun into your home or keeping it preserved as it were there all along.