Kraft-Heinz sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own.

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You know what I love about fall? I’ll give you a hint…there is no pumpkin involved at all! What I love doesn’t have anything to do with seasonal flavors, but instead about the feelings that fall brings out in me. 

What I love about fall has everything to do with that brisk breeze blowing through the air, fall sports that the kids take part in, leaves changing colors and dropping to the ground, and bundling up to go out for walks with the kids while we sip our favorite drinks.

These are they days memories are made of. Jumping in the leaves, cheering on our favorite team, and spending afternoons playing outside before the inevitable comes and winter arrives. 

This time of year also reminds me that it is okay to say yes to the kids once in a while. To remember to go play with them at the playground, to say yes to friends spending the night, and to really give their requests a chance before deciding. 

Perfect Fall Weather For Fun

This last weekend was a fantastic example. The weather was perfect, my son had a flag-football game, and we all got to play outside! 

Whenever we have activities, planned or unplanned, my kids typically ask me to pack snacks or drinks to bring along. I don’t always get to say yes because I want them to focus on better for you choices, but we recently found some 100% juice Capri Sun at our last visit to Walmart. I gladly said yes because they are so convenient, not to mention they have no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and have less sugar!

Our Fall Day Of Fun In The Sun

My son asked to try flag football this year so we said yes, and we were right there to cheer him on for his first tournament game (he’s in the blue shirt). 

My daughter loves to play at the park and always wants me to spin spin spin her on these weird looking contraptions. We headed over for a little fun in-between the football games. 

Later that day we ended up playing a pick-up game at home with my kids and their friends — the kids wanted to play a game of football in our backyard so I said yes!

I love that I am able to say Yes! to fun, and Yes! to a great drink that I don’t mind giving to the kids. Check out our #Yessie 🙂

We had a fantastic day of yes, and my daughter even convinced me to say yes and spin around on… whatever this thing is called!