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I love to entertain. It is so much fun for me to make creative projects, yummy foods, and host our friends over for a fun and entertaining night while watching our favorite team head to the big game!

Sadly, our team fell just short of making it to the final dance this year, however, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to throw a party – there is always a reason to have a great party! 🙂 Since the party is to be football themed, I decided that some of my main decorations and food should be football themed as well.

DIY Football themed centerpiece

DIY Terracotta Football

Making a fun centerpiece for your party spread can be really easy. For our big game party,I made a very easy football flower-pot that features edible candy ‘flowers’ that are just simply fun sized SNICKERS® bars.

To make this super simple centerpiece for your own gathering head to Walmart to grab a few supplies, then take a few minutes to put it all together. Once you are done you can watch your friends ooooh and aaaah as they see your spectacular display the night of the big game.

snickers and skittles

Supplies needed:

  • Two (or more) medium sized terracotta clay pots, unpainted.
  • Acrylic paint in brown and white.
  • Paint brushes (a large one to paint the background color and a smaller one for detail work).
  • SNICKERS bars (full size or fun size).
  • Wooden skewers.
  • Dry foam (found in the craft section).


Snickers Centerpiece terracotta football

The first thing you need to do is apply a base coat of the brown color. It may take a few coats before the lighter brown doesn’t show through, but the paint dries pretty quickly so it shouldn’t take long.

SNICKERS terracotta pot football

While painting the interior is not necessary, you may find it fun to decorate in some way with your team’s colors.

SNICKERS terracotta football laces

After the base coat has thoroughly dried you will need to paint on the laces to make it look like a football. I just do this freehand because I like my things to look homemade, however, I’m sure you could find a template if you prefer to do it that way.

SNICKERS terracotta centerpiece display

Choose your favorite team colors to make banners by cutting out triangles and decorating with a cheer of your choice. Cut smaller triangles for added decoration. Attach to the top of wooden skewers with tape, then insert into dry foam that has been placed inside the terracotta pot. Tape your SNICKERS flowers onto to the skewers as needed, and finish with shredded paper or a patterned paper as your turf.

Skittles® Marshmallow Fan Pops

What could be more fun than having a football themed table spread? How about having a football themed table spread that includes ‘fans’ that are made out of marshmallows dipped in Skittles?! These fun Skittles Marshmallow Fan Pops are really easy to make (my kids loved helping me roll the marshmallows in the Skittle dust), and they are super tasty too!

Skittles Marshmallow Fan Pops

These super tasty Skittles Marshmallow Fan Pops are the perfect thing to cheer on your favorite team. Choose your team colors from your favorite Skittles flavors, add some fun banners, and arrange them just like they are sitting in the stadium watching the action. Your guests will love it!


Skittles® Marshmallow Fan Pops Recipe:


  • Skittles (choose flavors that match your team colors)
  • Marshmallows
  • Small bowl of water
  • Wooden skewers
  • Paper towel or cloth
  • Decorations of choice

Skittles Fan Pops ingredients


Place a color of choice into a food processor or blender and pulverize.

Skittles in Ninja

This is what my Skittles looked like after about ten seconds of chopping.

Skittles in Ninja 10

This is after about 30 seconds. You want to end up with a fine powder, big chunks don’t stick so well and don’t look as nice.

Skittles in Ninja 30

When you are finished with the first color, move onto your next color. Keep going until all your color choices have been turned to dust – just like you hope the opponents in the game will be. 🙂

Skittles dust

Next you want to skewer your marshmallows, then dip in a bath of water. Gently blot on a paper towel to remove excess water, then roll in the dust until the marshmallow is completely coated.

Skittles Marshmallow Fan Pops

Once coated, simply display and enjoy! I used a foam piece from the craft section in the store and just covered it with a simple paper design. The foam does a great job holding the skewers in place, and it makes a neat display.

Skittles Pops

My kids couldn’t wait to try these delicious pops so they made a few extra for themselves. My daughter, the critic, contemplated the taste for a few minutes and then told me they were pretty good. Then proceeded to ask for another. 🙂

Overall our football party theme was a success. Starting out with these fun decorations, along with a few appetizers, everyone got their fill and I know at our next gathering we will be able to cheer our favorite team on with a little pizazz.

Football themed party

I’ve shared my game day dessert recipe with you! I’d love to hear what you plan on making for the Big Game! Let us know how you cheer your favorite team on!